Undergraduate Module Descriptor

ANT3006: Anthropology of Africa

This module descriptor refers to the 2016/7 academic year.


NQF Level 6
Credits 15 ECTS Value 7.5
Term(s) and duration

This module ran during term 1 (11 weeks)

Academic staff

Professor Harry G West (Lecturer)





Available via distance learning


This module will provide an overview and introduction to anthropological studies of Africa. Focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa, you will be introduced to a perspective on the shared histories and current predicaments of the life of the continent.  In particular you will look at the diverse politics, economics, social and biological life of the continent. While our scope is be broad, the module remains grounded in particular ethnographic contexts. Drawing from past and contemporary scholarship across a range of topics – development, religious experience, gender and health – you will analyse common features of African social reality. In addition to introducing a good foundation for study and a conceptual framework to approach African societies, you will explore the challenges of academic representation, raising critical awareness of the constructions of ‘Africa’ as a unitary idea.

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March 2012

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