Undergraduate Module Descriptor

LAW3000B: Law with International Study: Year Abroad

This module descriptor refers to the 2019/0 academic year.

Module Aims

This module will permit you to study Law in a different jurisdiction at one of our non-European partner institutions in Australia, Canada or USA as a compulsory element of the LLB with International Study Programme. It significantly increases and deepens the choice of optional subjects available by permitting you to take optional law and law-related modules not available here at Exeter. It gives you access to modules taught in a different learning culture, develops your comparative law skills (both through studying law of a different jurisdiction and through your year abroad dissertation plan), broadening your overall experience of learning. The aim of the 'reflective log' element of the module is to focus your awareness on the impact of studying abroad, comparing expectations with realities and developing a critical awareness of the cultural and intellectual differences involved. You will be enabled to reflect on the problems posed by different study and examination conditions and by the challenges of everyday life in an unfamiliar social and economic environment.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

This module's assessment will evaluate your achievement of the ILOs listed here – you will see reference to these ILO numbers in the details of the assessment for this module.

On successfully completing the programme you will be able to:
Module-Specific Skills1. demonstrate critical awareness of the similarities and differences in approaches to legal studies in Exeter and the host University and
2. demonstrate competence in locating, understanding and applying legal materials of another jurisdiction;
3. demonstrate awareness of one or more issues suitable for comparative legal study
Discipline-Specific Skills4. demonstrate an awareness of the benefits and complexities of comparative study in their discipline;
Personal and Key Skills5. demonstrate an awareness of the complexities of living and studying in a different culture, and
6. demonstrate an ability successfully to negotiate those complexities; and;
7. demonstrate the ability to identify and reflect on personal challenges and crises and to learn from their resolution