Undergraduate Module Descriptor

ARA3162: Britain in the Middle East, 1798-1977

This module descriptor refers to the 2021/2 academic year.


NQF Level 6
Credits 15 ECTS Value 7.5
Term(s) and duration

This module will run during term 2 (11 weeks)

Academic staff

Dr Ahmed Dailami (Lecturer)





Available via distance learning


In this module you will examine the record of British imperial involvement in the Middle East, beginning with the signing of the Anglo-Omani treaty of 1798 and ending with Britain's military withdrawal from Oman 179 years later in 1977. In between these dates, British involvement in the Middle East ranged from economic, cultural, and political influence to direct colonial rule, and from assisting local rulers and peoples to fighting wars against them (and sometimes losing). The local responses to this involvement likewise ranged from willing collaboration to armed resistance. This module examines this involvement and these experiences, aiming to provide you with a detailed understanding of Britain's record and legacy in the Middle East through seven case studies (Eastern Arabia, Southern Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Palestine, and Transjordan) and the employment of theories of imperialism

No previous knowledge of Middle Eastern history is required. You must be willing to spend ten hours a week on this module: two in class, four on the readings, and four on writing a review of the readings.  You will be required to come to each class with your reviews in hand, primed for discussion and debate. 

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