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End of roaming charges: Commission determined to make it work

Following intensive exchanges with the European Parliament, Member States, stakeholders, consumer representatives, regulators and operators, the College of Commissioners discussed draft rules which reinforce the approach to end roaming charges in the EU in 2017. 


The impact of cross-border access to audiovisual content on EU consumers

A report written by Oxera and Oliver & Ohlbaum has found the new changes under the Digital Single Market giving unrestricted access to content across borders may be detrimental to the consumer and the wider European AV industry. It estimates short term impacts of up to €9.3bn welfare loss per annum and longer term impacts of up to €4.5bn welfare loss per annum. Different European countries will be impacted differently, with welfare loss in the UK projected to be in the range of 10-15%. The report was prepared for a group of members of the international audiovisual industry, which included the British Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE), ITV and Pact.


Competition Law and Data

The 'Competition Law and Data' paper, published by the French Autorité de la concurrence and German Bundeskartellamt on 10 May, assesses the issues surrounding and the interplay between data, market power and competition law.


Owners of Virgin Media plan £500,000 donation to Remain

Liberty Global the company that owns Virgin Media have announced a plan to donate £500,000 to the Remain campaign, pending shareholder approval according to The Times. The plan was justified by Virgin Media by referencing the uncertain macroeconomic effects of a Brexit.


Why the NFL went to Twitter instead of Facebook

Twitter and the NFL have signed a deal to live stream ten games next season. CNBC reports on why sources claim the NFL went to Twitter over Facebook. The deal has implications for the growing dominance of online streaming platforms alongside the traditional audio-visual media services.


Why Brexit would be apocalyptical for the games industry

Jane McConnell argues that a potential Brexit would be 'game over' for the industry due to: reduced access to the European talent pool, seed funding and business mentoring, in the Guardian.


EU Commission and United States agree on new framework for transatlantic data flows: EU-US Privacy Shield

The College of Commissioners approved the political agreement reached on the EU-US Privacy Shield. The new arrangement will include the following three elements: a strong obligations on companies handling Europeans' personal data and robust enforcement; a clear safeguards and transparency obligations on US government access; and an effective protection of EU citizens' rights with several redress possibilities.The next step will be the preparation of a draft "adequacy decision" by Vice-President Ansip and Commissioner Jourová in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the US side will make the necessary preparations to put in place the new framework, monitoring mechanisms and new Ombudsman.


Britain opts out from JHA Provision in EU GDPR

The British Government has decided not to opt-in to the Justice and Home Affairs provision within the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The text restricts a Member State from enforcing a judgment requiring the transfer or disclosure of personal data where there is no international agreement or treaty.


European Council President delivers Draft Agreement on Britain Reforms

On the 2nd of February, European Council President Donald Tusk sent to EU leaders a draft agreement on Britain’s reform demands. The 16-page text, which will be discussed in the following weeks by the other national leaders, includes reforms in competitiveness, Eurozone governance, national sovereignty and welfare benefits for EU migrants.


Creative Industries Worth almost £10 million an hour to Economy

The department for Culture, Media & Sport published new figures revealing that the UK's Creative Industries are now worth 84.1 billion per year to the UK economy.


Lord Rose at BBC Channel 4: Brexit 'a huge risk'

Stuart Rose, the chair of Britain Stronger in Europe, told the BBC Channel 4 that leaving Europe would represent a 'huge risk' because Europe represents 50% of UK export.


Agreement on General Data Protection

On 15th December 2015, the EU Commission, Parliament and Council of Ministers reached agreement on the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), after months of "trilogue" negotiations.

Those who process personal data will need to be more accountable; individuals will have stronger rights; there are significantly tougher powers of enforcement for national data protection authorities. The GDPR also applies to organisations outside the EU who sell to, or monitor, EU residents and requires data controllers to implement "data protection by design and default". The Regulation does not address the recent invalidation of the US safe harbor scheme: this must be resolved separately.

The GDPR must now be formally approved by the EU institutions and will then be published in the Official Journal early in 2016. The GDPR will come into force two years and twenty days from date of publication.


Creative Industries Having Record Economic Impact

Lucy Cotter reports on how the UK's creative industries now contribute to a record amount to the economy.

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