MA Anthrozoology residential

5 - 7 May 2017

The third annual residential event which brings our Anthrozoology distance learning students and alumni to Exeter for an intensive weekend of lectures, discussions and film screenings (and social events!) takes place during the first weekend of May this year.
Programme as follows:

Friday 5th May

10-11am Tea & Coffee and Welcome
11-12am  LECTURE 1: Prof Sam Hurn and Dr Tom Rice - "Listening to the zoo"
12-1pm Lunch
1-2pm LECTURE 2: EASE Working Group - "Post-canicide: reflections on the aftermath of the 2013 Romanian Stray Dog Euthanasia Act." 
2-3pm  LECTURE 3: Dr Steve North - "Yay or neigh: co-designing systems with horses - an animal-computer interaction perspective"
3-3.30pm  Tea & Coffee
3.30-5pm DISCUSSION 1 - Dr Carol Adams & Melani Nardone on Animal Absences.
5-5.30pm PhD presentation: Susan Warren - "An investigation of the emotional landscape of the zoo experience in contributing to the wildlife conservation mission of the zoo community" 
7pm EASE (Exeter Anthrozoology as Symbiotic Ethics) Launch Party at Herbies Vegetarian Restaurant. Free food and drink! Please join us. We have booked out the whole restaurant.

Saturday 6th May

9-10am Lecture 4: Dr Teodora Manea Hauskeller - "The Anthrozoological Ethics of Care" 
10-10.30am  PhD presentation: Kate Marx - "Wild and Adorable: Cute responses to autonomous animals by hikers on the Appalachian Trail" 
10.30-12pm  DISCUSSION 2: Sarah Crowley, Emily Stone and Elizabeth Vandermeer - "'Out of Place' and 'Out of Control' Animals? How should we respond to - and talk about - introduced species?" 
12-1pm Lunch
1-2pm LECTURE 5: Ivan Tacey - "Poaching Tigers and Man-Tigers: the effects of species loss on Batek ontology in the age of the Anthropocene"
2-3pm LECTURE 6 (followed by Death Cafe): Fenella Eason - "'Stop crying: it was only a dog': Disenfranchised grief and the maintenance and memorialisation of an absent presence" 
3-3.30pm  Death Cafe (see lecture 6) over Tea & Coffee 
3.30-4pm PhD presentation: Elizabeth Vandermeer - "Troubling Boundaries? Spectatorship, performance and captivity for wild animals in French circuses"
4-6pm FILM SCREENING White God (2013) - followed by discussion 
7pm  Discussion over dinner at Herbies


Sunday 7th May

9-10am LECTURE 7: Dr Jess Groling - TB
10-11am LECTURE 8: Prof Michael Hauskeller - "Non-Human Animals and the Meaning of Life"
11-12Ppm LECTURE 9: Dr Alexander Badman-King - "Should Humans Live Naturally?" 
12-1pm Lunch
1-2.30pm  DISCUSSION 3: Dr Julien Dugnoille and Eimear McLoughlin - "Animal Desires: Revitalising socio-biological and evolutionary theories on animal sexualities with accounts of nonhuman animals seeking homosexual consortship for pleasure" 
2.30-3.30pm LECTURE 10: Prof Sam Hurn - "'You've gotta work with what you've got': experimental ethnoveterinary medicine in rural Wales, UK" 
3.30-4pm Tea & Coffee and Goodbye