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Anthrozoology as International Practice: A Student Conference in Animal Studies

4-5 March 2021 (online)

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Anthrozoology as International Practice (AIP) is organised by PhD students.

The theme of our conference is ‘Emerging Voices’ and we welcome presentations from  students and early career researchers in anthrozoology and related fields (such as humananimal studies, natural sciences or philosophy). This conference aims to spotlight research being undertaken by students around the world, in the hopes of building a global support network.

Registration for AIP2021

The schedule for Anthrozoology as International Practice (AIP2021): A Student Conference in Human-Animal Studies is available here - programme outline

To register for attendance at AIP2021 please email with the header:

"Please register me for attendance at AIP2021”

Please also provide your full namecareer stage (undergrad, PhD researcher, interested in graduate study, etc.,), the country where you are currently resident, and any university, non-profit, or other relevant affiliations. This information is being collected to help measure the international impact of our conference and ensure attendees have a genuine interest in anthrozoology. This is a student conference, but postdocs, professors, and other professionals are very welcome to join, providing they remain aware and supportive of the student participants.