Partnership meeting

About Partnership

Schools are invited to apply for ITE partnership by contacting the Partnership Director, (Jocelyn Sumner: or by completing the 'School Based Work Placement Offers' forms found by following the appropriate links (Primary or Secondary) and returning them via

Partnership schools understand the provider’s high expectations and they make an outstanding contribution to trainees’ development as teachers.
Ofsted Inspection Report 2010

They will be sent a leaflet detailing the placements they may wish to offer and payment information and they will be asked to confirm that  the following information is available on their website:

  • the school's prospectus, including information on the school's approach to teaching and learning, and SAT and examination results
  • the most recent Ofsted report


  • school ITE policy (where the school has previously worked in the University of Exeter partnership)


  • a brief statement on the school's involvement in ITE over the last five years (where the school is new to the University of Exeter ITE partnership).

This offer will not be a final commitment until a school has signed the Memorandum of Understanding. This will be sent to all schools which have agreed to receive trainees, once placements are finalised.

Criteria for the Formation of Partnerships

The University of Exeter ITE Partnership has been developed in accordance with the  Initial Teacher Training Criteria ( DfE 2014). Schools are selected for work in the ITE partnership that most fully meet the following criteria:

  • Are willing to sign the Memorandum of Understanding in cognisance of the procedures and requirements set out in the documentation.
  • Teach the National Curriculum or a curriculum that exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • Provide outstanding models of teaching through staff working within the training programmes, taking account of indicators such as Ofsted reports, test and examination results and exclusion rates.
  • Implement a comprehensive policy on teaching and learning which includes specific provision for children with special needs.
  • Provide ICT and other specialist teaching resources that will be sufficient and accessible to trainees to meet the demands placed on them in the Teachers' Standards (2014)
  • Have a commitment to the training role of the school within the ITE partnership.
  • Provide the information required, listed above.