Learning to Teach in Partnership

Brief information is given below about working in partnership in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) with the University of Exeter. Full details are available in handbooks which are provided for trainees and schools for each period of school-based work.The University is committed to the concept of partnership because of its potential for the enhanced professional development of trainees. Each ITE programme has been developed in partnership with teachers as a coherent set of interrelated experiences for trainees during both University-based and school-based work.

The Graduate School of Education provides a distinct postgraduate programme in ITE, which links higher education with practical and intellectual preparation for teaching in primary schools. School-based work is an integral part of all programmes, supporting the professional development of intending teachers, enabling them to become proficient to the Teachers' Standards required for Qualified Teacher Status.

A Shared Framework

Each programme reflects the view that teaching is complex and intellectually challenging and all are based on the same model of deliberate approach to learning to teach. The Exeter model provides a shared framework that is used by all trainees, teachers and University tutors.