Our research is not only concerned with writing but also with all aspects of language and literacy.

About Us

The Centre for Research in Writing has been established to promote writing research which crosses boundaries – methodological, philosophical and contextual. The history of research in writing is not characterised by a unified and incremental body of empirical, theoretical and professional knowledge: this is largely due to the very different paradigms which are employed in research into writing which draw variously upon cognitive, social and developmental psychology; sociology; socio-cultural theory; linguistics; literary theory and creativity theory. Our interests are in drawing together these different disciplinary perspectives to generate new understandings about writing and the teaching of writing, which advance both theoretical and professional understanding.

Aims of the Centre:

  • promote research in writing which draws on inter-disciplinary research
  • create an international site for inter-disciplinary writing research
  • facilitate research collaboration across disciplinary and national borders
  • build on existing academic networks and relationships to create a hub of writing research which addresses social and educational needs
  • provide a forum for cross-disciplinary research exchange
  • generate research which has social impact
  • communicate writing research and its applications to user communities

EEF/RSA Logic Model

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