Who we are

Staff affiliated to the Centre for Research in Writing, include some based in University units beyond the Graduate School of Education.  In addition, we have a number of international affiliates working closely with us.

Core Members 

Professor Debra Myhill 
(Centre Coordinator)
Debra’s research interests centre upon: composing processes in writing; the role of grammar and metalinguistic understanding in writing; the relationship between talk and writing.
Dr Esmaeel Abdollazadeh Esmaeel’s research interests focus upon: disciplinary writing, and generic practices across disciplines; contrastive rhetoric, and intercultural communication; metalanguage in spoken and written discourse; corrective feedback and writing performance. 
Dr Philip Durrant Phil’s research interests focus upon: the role of language in higher education; the implications of this for university students studying in a second language; variation in language use across academic disciplines; the acquisition, processing and use of vocabulary and formulaic language.
Dr Susan Jones Sue’s research interests focus upon: composing processes in writing; the role of grammar and metalinguistic understanding in writing; the relationship between talk and writing; gender issues in writing pedagogy. 
Dr Helen Lines Helen's research interests focus upon: the criteria used for assessing writing; ideas that students have about improving writing; the role of grammar and metalinguistic understanding in writing.
Dr Ruth Newman Ruth’s research interests focus upon: the role of talk in teaching and learning; the teaching of collaborative talk; the role of meta-talk and emotional engagement in talk; the potential of dialogic pedagogies for writing
Dr Lucy Oliver

Lucy’s research interests focus upon: representations of the composing process; how and why writers revise; the development of drafting/revising expertise and effective pedagogies; digital writing processes. 

Dr Annabel Watson

Annabel's research interests focus upon: the writing development of secondary school pupils; the role of grammar and metalinguistic understanding in writing; the relationship between metalinguistic understanding and digital writing practices; the relationship between teachers' beliefs and practices in writing instruction.

Dr Anthony Wilson Anthony's research interest focus upon: the composition of poetry by children and young people; creative writing pedagogy; assessment of creative writing; creative approaches to the teaching of writing (including writers in schools). 
Dr Hania Salter-Dvorak Hania's research interests include: culture and identity in formal and informal language learning; development of L2 students academic literacy in Anglophone Academia; spoken communication in academic settings
Dr Andy Brown English Department
Dr Karen McAuliffe Law School

Affiliated Members 

Marie-Claude Boivin University of Montreal
Honglin Chen University of Wollongong, Australia
Beverly Derewianka University of Wollongong, Australia

Xavier Fontich  

Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain 

Triantafillia Kostouli Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Cornelia Paraskevas Western Oregon University
Åsa Wengelin University of Gothenburg

Doctoral Students

Sharon Morgan Metalinguistic Reflection on Writing in Year 7 Ongoing
Geoff Dean Teachers' Subject and Pedagogical Knowledge of Grammar at KS2 Ongoing
Noof al-Harbi Investigation into the Writing Difficulties of Saudi Postgraduate Students Ongoing
Suthee Ploisawaschai Identity in Academic Writers Ongoing
Mark Brenchley Syntactical Differences between Speech and Writing in Secondary Students Ongoing
Lucy Oliver 'Writing in tight places': secondary students address the problems and possibilities of revising school writing Awarded
Helen Lines "It's a matter of individual taste, I guess": secondary school English teachers' and students' conceptualisations of quality in writing Awarded 
Richard Heeks Discovery Writing and Genre Awarded
Alireza Memari-Hanjani Peer Review, Collaborative Revision, and Genre in L2 Writing Awarded
Vinita Gaikwad The Impact of a Visual Approach Used in the Teaching of Sentence-level Grammar Awarded 
Intissar Kamil Perceptions of Kuwaiti student-teachers of writing in English as a foreign language and to methods of teaching and learning EFL writing in the higher educational level in Kuwait Awarded