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Dr Karen Walshe awarded funding for 'PROTEACH' project

Congratulations to Dr Karen Walshe, a core CRPL member, who has been awarded EU ‘Erasmus-Plus’ funding to undertake a project called ‘PROTEACH’ in collaboration with partners in Israel, Romania, Estonia and Austria.

The project aims to explore the experiences of beginning teachers as they transition to their new teaching roles, in order to create an effective induction model for newly qualified teachers that recognises the fresh perspective and contribution that early career professionals have to offer, and emphasises the important relationship between the graduating university and school employer. 

The data collection (involving 450 participants in total), and piloting of an induction framework, will occur mostly in Israel. 

The role of the Exeter academics involved will be to guide and contribute to the research planning and resources, undertake workshops in UK HEIs, and support dissemination.