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Open informal personal reflections and conversations on a wide range of issues by academic staff and students. 
Take a look for a glimpse of the thoughts and conversations so far.
Decolonising Educational Relationships in Teacher Education Seminars

The seminar series has had a successful run and has provoked new thinking and action on educational matters. Please see recordings of the first seven sessions.

Creativity and Emergent Educational-futures Network

The Creativity and Emergent Educational-futures Network (CEEN) seeks to bring together individuals with overlapping and intersecting philosophical orientations, ideologies and values that challenge the status quo on education.

Despite our diversity, we all do work that argues for

  • the centrality of difference and emergence in our practices of thinking, being and doing.
  • the necessity of researching education beyond boundaries.

Creativity in 21st Century Education: Where, How and What Next?

22 June 2021

This highly anticipated webinar organised by University of Exeter, BERA and SIG, featured a panel of speakers including Professor Kerry Chappell, Dr Victoria Kinsella, Dr Jo Trowsdale, Professor Howard Gardner, Professor Bill Lucas, Sarah Bracken and Professor Teressa Cremin.

Contextualised by the Durham Commission in 2019, and the pedagogic challenges generated during 2020, creativity is re-emerging as an educational imperative which is of interest again nationally and internationally. This webinar contextualised discussions within recent publications and events to consider the what, where and how of 21st Century creativity in education, and look forward with delegates to future possibilities for practice and research. This was part of a series of debates, one of which brought together key creativity in education experts to generate a position paper for research which is downloadable here.