Dr Jonathan Doney
Research Fellow

External responsibilities

Awards/Honorary fellowships

  • Honorary Research Associate with the International Centre for Historical Research in Education (ICHRE) at IOE/UCL.
  • Awarded funding to attend conferences and summer schools during doctoral study, including three Postgraduate Bursaries and a Brian Simon Bursary from The History of Education Society (totalling approx. £3.5k).
  • Awarded a Santander Postgraduate scholarship (2015) to further develop international RE networks with Nordic contacts (£1k)

Competitively funded studentships and postdoctoral fellowships

  • ESRC Studentship (1+3 years, 2011-2015) Approximate value £54k plus tuition fees.

Conferences and invited presentations

Invited Lectures

Doney, J. (2017), ‘Religious Education in British Schools’, invited lecture at De Paul University, Chicago, US.

Doney, J. (2015) ‘The development of multi-faith RE in England: Insights for Norwegian histories of RE’, invited presentation at Sør-Trøndelag University College, Trondheim, Norway.

Doney, J. (2015) ‘Asking different questions: Post-structural Methods for Histories of Curriculum Development’, invited presentation at International Centre for Historical Research in Education (ICHRE), lunchtime seminar series, March 2015.

Doney, J. (2015) ‘Beyond inter-national comparisons: Can prioritising supranational ideas over nation-state boundaries tell us more?  The case of Religious Education’, invited presentation at International Symposium on ‘Teacher Professionalization and the Professional Quality of Religious Education’, held at The University of Exeter, March 2015.

Doney, J (2014) ‘Del odio al amor de la socialización religiosa al estudio de las religiones de mundo: el cambio de naturaleza de la educación religiosa en un país democrático durante los años 60 y 70’ [From ‘hatred’ to ‘love’, from Religious socialization to the study of world faiths: The changing nature of Religious Education in a democratic country during the 1960s and 1970s]. Invited lecture at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Madrid, November 2014.

Freathy, R. and Doney, J. (2013) 'The Hidden History of Religious Education: Methodological issues’, invited presentation as part of the 'Spotlight on Social Science Research’. University of Exeter CSSIS Research Methods Festival, May 2013.

Doney J. (2012) 'Fostering Metacognition in Religious Education', invited keynote speaker at Westhill Trust Seminars, 2011 Series: ‘The Primary RE Curriculum: Current directions’. Bristol. March 2012.

Conference Presentations

Doney, J. (2016) ‘‘Dear Dr Hertz’ Correspondence between the President of the Board of Education and the Chief Rabbi regarding the development of the 1944 Education Act’. History of Education Society Conference, Exeter, November 2016.

Doney, J. and Wegerif, R. (2016), ‘Extreme measures? Evaluating an educational programme of international dialogue which aims to develop open-mindedness, particularly across religious divides. International Conference on Values and Education, The University of Winchester, September 2016.

Doney, J., Wegerif, R., and Gianchi, G. (2016) ‘Exploring the Pedagogical Affordances of Immersive Virtual Reality in the context of developing Training for Airline Cabin Crew.’ European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Dublin, August 2016.

Wegerif, R., Fujita, T., Doney, J., and Richards, A. (2016) ‘Measuring Group Thinking.’ European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Dublin, August 2016.

Doney, J. (2016) ‘Indoctrination, Instrumentalization, and Ideology: The Story of English Religious Education’. International Centre for Historical Research in Education (ICHRE) Summer Conference, London, July 2016.

Doney, J (2016) ‘Statement Archaeology: Post-structural theories in historical studies’. University of Exeter, GSE Annual Conference, April 2016.

Doney, J. (2015) ‘Compulsory Religious Education in England: Legalised Indoctrination?’. URL, University of Exeter, December 10th 2015.

Doney, J. (2015) ‘Its. Oh. So. Quiet. The marginalization and de-marginalization of education within Ecumenical discourses during the mid-twentieth century.’ History of Education Society Conference, Liverpool, November 2015.

Doney, J. (2015) ‘Post-structural Methods Meet Histories of Curriculum Development’. University of Exeter, GSE Annual Conference, May 2015.

Doney, J. (2014) ‘Ideas do not need passports. Tracing the transmission of ideas ‘beyond borders’; the case of Religious Education’, History of Education Society Conference, Dublin, November 2014.

Doney, J. (2014) ‘In dialogue with Althusser: Ideological State Apparatus and its intersection with English Religious Education’, International Seminar on Education Religions and Values (ISREV), York, August 2014.

Doney, J. (2014) ‘From Enemy to Ally: Ecumenical reconstruction of the 'religious other' and the adoption of world religions teaching in English Schools during the 1960s and 1970s’, International Standing Committee on the History of Education (ISCHE), London, July 2014

Doney, J. (2014) ‘Problematizing existing narratives of English Religious Education. Is it really about the transformation from confessionalism to post-confessionalism? Is ‘Ideology’ a more useful framework?’, University of Exeter, GSE Annual Conference, May 2014.

Doney, J. (2013). 'Its. Oh. So. Quiet.': The Marginalisation and De-marginalisation of Education within the Ecumenical Discourse During the Mid-Twentieth Century. ESRC SWDTC Student Conference: Knowledge Beyond Borders, November 2013.

Allan, A. and Doney, J. (2013) ‘Travel scholarship schemes and the development of global citizenship in high achieving girls.’ History of Education Society Conference, Exeter, 22nd to 24th November 2013.

Doney, J. and Freathy, R. (2013) ‘Testimonies, teaching and testaments’; using Oral History interviews to enrich the historiography of English Religious Education.’ History of Education Society Conference, Exeter November 2013

Doney, J. (2013) 'Transcending National Boundaries: Ecumenical developments and changes in Religious Education during the 1960s and 1970s.' Nordic RE Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 2013.

Doney, J. (2013) ‘Local Manifestations of Supranational ideas: Ecumenical Developments and Schools Council Working Paper 36’, University of Exeter SSIS Annual Student Conference, May 2013.

Doney, J. (2012) 'The 'Birth' of 'Post-confessional', multi-faith RE in English Schools: A Foucaultian analysis of educational and ecumenical discourses’, History of Education Annual Conference, Winchester, Dec 2012.

Doney, J. (2012) ‘The overlooked ecumenical background to the development of English RE’, International Seminar on Education Religions and Values (ISREV), Turku, Finland, Aug 2012.

Parker, S., Freathy, R., and Doney, J. (2102) ‘The Christian Education Movement, c.1965 to 1980’, International Seminar on Education Religions and Values (ISREV), Turku, Finland, Aug 2012.

Doney, J. (2012) ‘Exploring the overlooked ecumenical background to the development of English RE - methodological issues and International perspectives’, European Education Research Association (EERA) Summer School, Lisbon University, Portugal, June 2012.

Doney, J. (2012) 'Through Dialogue and Collaboration; a critique of the existing historiography of English Religious Education', Festival of Research, Exeter University, May 2012.

Journal and book series Editorships and Editorial board membership

Co-Editor History of Education Researcher

Editor of Sources and Interpretations for History of Education

Treasurer and Trustee of History of Education Society


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