Dr Salah Troudi
Associate Professor in TESOL Education. TESOL/Dubai EdD Programme Director. International Development Coordinator


Research interests

My research interests are in the areas of critical pedagogy and critical applied linguistics. I am also interested in curriculum and syllabus design in TESOL, teacher education, CALL, classroom-based research, language programme evaluation

I currently supervise doctoral students in the following areas:

  • English as a language of instruction In Oman
  • Classroom discourse analysis
  • Action research in EFL
  • CALL and the role of Computer Mediated Chat
  • EFL teacher evaluation
  • Assessment of oral skills in EFL
  • The role of non-native speaker teachers in EFL
  • The role of teachers in the EFL curriculum
  • Mentoring and advising TESOL Students
  • Educational change in the Arab world
  • Learning strategies in Arabic as a foreign language
  • Curriculum evaluaiton in Oman
  • Curriculum evaluation in Indonesia
  • Teacher evaluation in Saudi Arabia
  • English as medium of instruction in Kuwait
  • ELT professional development in Oman 
  • ELT Curriculum in Syria
  • Teacher evaluation in Malaysia
  •  Critical pedagogy/ education in Korea
  • Expatriate teachers' professionalism and indentity in Qatar

Research projects

The role of EFL teachers in assessment in the United Arab Emirates.The project investigates what assessment philosophies and practices EFL teachers have in the UAE tertiary system.

Critical pedagogy in teacher education in the United Arab Emirates

Research grants

  • 2009 Emirates Foundation
    This is a collaborative research grant to explore effectiveness of English language teachers in the United Arab Emirates. A bid for a bigger grant will be submitted next year to extend the study to wider population.

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