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Dr Georgie Tarling

Dr Georgie Tarling

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


 North Cloisters NC27


North Cloisters, University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK

 Office hours:

My working week is divided between my two projects. I normally work from Monday to Wednesday for the Institute of Coding and on Thursday and Friday for the South West Institute of Technology


I am a postdoctoral research fellow currently working on two projects related to technology pedagogy. The first is an interdisciplinary project for the Institute of Coding with colleagues in Computer Science and the Q Step Centre. In this project we are exploring young people’s perceptions and understandings of programming, machine learning and AI and co-creating a pedagogical approach to teaching coding, data analytics and machine learning to non-Computer Science students building on models of dialogic and computational thinking. The second is a project for the South West Institute of Technology Research Observatory. In this role I am working with employers and education providers across the South West to develop new curricula in data science and other technology-related areas.



PhD Education, University of Exeter, 2018

MSc Educational Research (Distinction), University of Exeter, 2013

MA European Literature, Culture and Thought (Distinction), Queen Mary University, London, 1995

BA Hons Modern European Languages (First), University of Cambridge, 1994


I have had a varied professional career, coming to academic research from roles in television production, teaching and public engagement. 

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Research interests

My research focuses on the role of educators in both responding to and shaping evolving socio-technical practices. In particular I am interested in conceptualizing and developing pedagogies which support criticality and creativity in relation to digital practices, platforms and data. My interests include: critical digital literacies, data literacies, equality and diversity in the development of disruptive technologies, public perceptions and media representations of big data, AI and machine learning, changing futures of work, makerspaces, new literacies and the teaching of coding.

My doctoral research explored the new challenges brought about by near ubiquitous access to domesticated and portable online devices through the lens of new literacies and developed a conceptual framework for parents and teachers to support younger children in engaging reflectively, ethically and creatively in online environments.

I have used a range of creative and participatory research methods and particularly enjoy co-creating research in partnership with practitioners, including teachers, community brokers and software developers.


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