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Dr Manoli Pifarre

Honorary University Fellow



Dr. Manoli Pifarre is a Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology at University of Lleida, Spain. Since September 2009 she has an honorary appointment at University of Exeter. In the last years she has been collaborating closely with Educational Dialogue research group at University of Exeter.

Nowadays, she coordinates the research group COnTIC - Context and Cognition mediated by Information and communication technologies at university of Lleida. COnTIC has an interdisciplinary character and joins professionals of different scopes related to Psychology, Didactics and Computer Science []. The main purpose of the research group is focused on studying how to help future citizens to develop the new cognitive exigencies and digital competences demanded by technologies in order to achieve their insertion and success in the scholar, social and professional world.

My research focuses on the pedagogical use of Web 2.0 technologies to support the development of collaborative learning competences needed in our global network society.

I have been leading research on the role of Inquiry Web Learning for teaching and learning in Science, the use of wikis in primary school science and the use of blogs to promote computer supported collaborative learning in secondary education.



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