Accredited Schools

Below you will find details and links of all our current accredited schools.  

School Level Report and School URL Link
All Faiths Children's Academy 1

All Faiths Children's Academy 2018

Alwoodley Primary School 1

Alwoodley Primary School 2018

Barton Court Grammar School 2

Barton Court Grammar School

Cedar Children's Academy 1

Cedar Children's Academy

Cumran Primary 1

Cumran Primary 2017

East Sheen Primary School 1

East Sheen Primary 2017

Edgware Primary School 1

Edgware Primary School Level 1 September 2018

Hillcross Primary School 1

Hillcross Primary School Level 1 January 2020

Holcombe Grammar School 1

Holcombe Grammar School Level 1 September 2019

Kingsmead College (Junior School) 2

Kingsmead College (Junior School) 2018

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls 2

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls Advanced Re-accreditation 2018

New Horizons Children's Academy 1

New Horizons Children's Academy 2018

Newbridge Junior School 2

Newbridge Junior School 2019 

Pro Ed House School 1

Pro Ed House School, Level 1, 2018

Oaklands Junior School 1

Oaklands Junior School 2018

Redden Court School 1

Redden Court School Level 1 2018

Roedean School 2

Roedean School L2 February 2020 

South African College Junior School 1

South African College Junior School 2017 

Stanley Park Infants' School 2

Stanley Park Infants School February 2020

The Gordon Children's Academy 1

The Gordon Children's Academy

The Portsmouth Academy 2

The Portsmouth Academy Level 2 2020

The Rochester Grammar School 2

The Rochester Grammar School 2019

The Victory Academy 1

The Victory Academy 2018 

Trinity St. Peter's CE Primary 1

Trinity St. Peter's CE Primary School Level 1 2019

Weald of Kent Grammar School 1

Weald of Kent Grammar School 2018

Whiteheath Infant & Nursery School 1

Whiteheath Infant and Nursery School Level 1 2019


There have been over Accreditation data‌ since the thinking school concept was created and established by Professor Bob Burden in 2006.