Research projects

These research projects, involving TS@Exeter affiliates, are currently underway in the Graduate School of Education.  

Developing group thinking measure test with mobile technology

This is a one-year project looking at developing and trialing an app based test which can measure group thinking.  The project is being led by Dr Taro Fujita and Dr Judith Kleine-Staarman, in collaboration with Shinshu University, and is funded by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation.   Visit the project page for further information. 

Connecting science and mathematics instruction in schools through exploratory talk and inquiry

A three-year project being led by Dr Nasser Mansour, in collaboration with the University of Waikato and Qatar University, funded by the Qatar National Research Fund.  The project goal is to strengthen science and mathematics instruction in schools through dialogic inquiry-based instruction.  Two specific pedagogies will be brought together. Specific strategies based on exploratory talk and on digital inquiry, or WebQuests, will be used to promote collaborative group work, critical thinking and a positive attitude to mathematics and science.  The focus of the project is on grades 4 - 8 as this reflects the period where interest in science and mathematics appears to decline. Visit the project page for further information.