Photo of the Women in Leadership panelists

L-R: Our Chair, Professor Wendy Robinson and panellists, Denise Hadow (Law 1979), Janet Garcia (Law and Society 1993) and Sue Heady (Philosophy 1988)

Women in Leadership celebrated for International Women's Day

International Women’s Day was celebrated this year by the College of Social Sciences and International Studies’ employability team. We took the theme of Balance for Better and focused on balance and leadership in the workplace. Our aim was to bring together a panel of alumnae from social sciences to discuss how today’s female student can achieve leadership roles and what we need to do to overcome some of the issues currently faced by women. An important element to the day was that this would be a collaborative activity including the Women and Law Students as Change Agents project.

In the lead up to the event, our Alumni Engagement Officer and Employability Officer invited a few alumni to strike the #Balance for Better pose. This helped generate interest in our project. The Women and Law group held their own pre-panel discussion event on the themes of the discussion so they would be able to bring their own conversation topics to the evening event.

Our panellist addressed a number of issues such as how women can encourage each other in to leadership roles, how you tackle inequality in the workplace and whether the glass ceiling and glass cliff exists. One panellist commented; “I was in awe of the audience, so welcoming and contributing hugely to the level of discussion.”

At the networking reception, our Chair, Prof Wendy Robinson and the panellist spoke to many students to provide further encouragement.

One student commented; “The networking afterwards was very productive, and I met other women at the UoE who are involved in grass-roots women's networks as I am. I have exchanged details with some of these women and will be following up with them regarding mutual support and engagement.”

The careers angle was also noted by another student. “Following the event, I have spread the word amongst fellow female AND male peers, I actually posted on social media too and when applying for an internship felt more confident to 'sell myself' in the application form (I now have an interview offer!)”

Date: 19 March 2019