Erika Szasz

Degree: MA International Relations

Year: 2015

Current place of work: Consular officer, Embassy of Romania in London

Erika Szasz graduated from the University of Exeter in 2015 with an MA International Relations. Previously she also studied her BA Politics with Study Abroad at Exeter. Originally from Romania, Erika’s academic achievements at Exeter helped her secure a fantastic first job as Consular Officer. We interviewed Erika to find out more about how her studies at Exeter contributed to her decisions about her career path.

What does the MA in International Relations at Exeter offer?

I chose to study MA in International Relations at Exeter mainly due to the amazing selection of courses that were building upon my BA subjects and for the pure interest in becoming an expert in my field.  Furthermore, at Exeter University I always felt encouraged to develop my research, analytical, problem-solving and communication skills while also accentuating the importance of networking. All in all, a fresh approach to postgraduate studies.

There is however a lot to think about when considering further study, including the subject, length of study period, location, facilities, reputation of the university and the course (e.g. with employers), links with industry and future career prospects.

What skills and knowledge did you develop which helped with your career prospects?

I believe that the MA degree in International Relations gave me an understanding of contemporary politics, which is global in perspective, whilst it also allowed the development of my critical and independent thinking. I believe that these skills are essential in many governmental and non - governmental organisations and also in the diplomatic and organisational areas of IR. Thus I feel that the skills, knowledge and abilities developed throughout this course helped me in getting a job in a field I am really passionate about.

What is your current occupation? How has your Masters helped you with your career decisions?

I am currently working for the Embassy of Romania in London as a Consular officer in the consular department. I believe that my Masters reinforced my interest in the field of IR and Foreign Affairs, which helped me decide in terms of career path.

During the last couple of months while job searching I have had the opportunity to go to several interviews. Not all the interviews or job offers were in my field so when participating in these interviews (that were not in my field) I realised what I really want in terms of a career and started to focus my attention on applications that were in my areas of interest.