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23 January 201913:00

Network Analysis for Social Scientists

This workshop provides an introduction for beginners to Social Network Analysis. It gives an overview of key concepts needed to design research that looks at social relations (networks) that connect individual units (actors), so that students can apply social network analysis to their own research.. Full details
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23 January 201917:15

Dr Estella Carpi (University College London) presents "From Livelihoods to Leisure: Upending Refugee Self-Reliance and Urban Humanitarianism in Lebanon"

Estella Carpi is a Research Associate in the Migration Research Unit, Department of Geography (University College London). She is currently working on southern-led humanitarian responses to displacement from Syria (ERC project no. 541123). She received her PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Sydney (Australia), researching humanitarianism in Lebanon. She has been working on humanitarian aid provision, welfare, forced migration and identity politics for several institutions in Egypt, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates. Full details
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24 January 201917:30

Miko Peled, renowned author and human rights activist, presents "Justice, Freedom and Equality, the Keys for Peace in Palestine"

Miko Peled is the author of "The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine", an epilogue about a self-reflective journey that changed his life and his long-held assumptions about Palestinians. His journey began following a family tragedy and the death of his niece Smadar by a Palestinian suicide bomber. In this book, Miko talks about his fears and concerns when deciding to meet Palestinians for the first time. His honest account reflects the emotional dilemmas he went through that led to reconsidering his beliefs about the other.. Full details
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30 January 201911:30

Dr Rana Jawad (University of Bath) presents "Critical Policy Analysis and Social Protection in the Global South: A view from the MENA Region"

Rana Jawad is a senior lecturer in social policy at the University of Bath. She is founder and convenor of the MENA social policy network. She has extensive academic and policy-oriented research expertise on social policy issues in the MENA region focusing in particular on the institutional and political analysis of welfare systems there. In addition, she has an interest in current debates around social protection and non-contributory social assistance programmes, as well as the wider influence of religion on social policy. Full details
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6 February 201913:00

Introduction to Discourse Network Analysis (DNA)

Discourse network analysis is a toolbox of research methods for the analysis of actor-based debates, such as policy debates or political discussions. Examples include the policy debates on climate change, pension politics, or around the introduction of large infrastructure projects. Full details
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6 February 201917:15

Dr Nora Parr (SOAS, London) presents "How do you say 'trauma' in Arabic? When critical terms cross uneven contexts"

Nora Parr is OWRI/AHRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Creative Multilingualism’s Strand 5 on World Literature. She teaches Arabic Literature and Palestine Studies at SOAS, University of London.. Full details
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13 February 201915:30

Seminar Series - 'Religious decline in the West: Unravelling age, period and cohort effects'

Old people tend to be more religious than young people, and Western societies today are less religious than they were in the past. Scholars disagree, though, about what’s changing and why.. Full details
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26 - 27 February 20199:00

Managing Intra-State Territorial Contestation: Iraq’s Disputed Territories in Comparative Perspective

Call for Papers (deadline 14th January 2019): Iraq’s Disputed Territories remain a source of contestation and instability. Located in the north of Iraq, this broad swathe of territory lying to the south of the Kurdistan Region, and including within it parts of the provinces of Nineveh, Erbil, Salahadin, Kirkuk, and Diyala, the Disputed Territories remain a focus of contestation between the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government following the Kurdistan Region referendum of 2017 and the subsequent military response of the Government of Iraq. Furthermore, while the immediate threat of Islamic State actions has diminished, conditions in the Disputed Territories continue to create opportunities for the resurrection of militancy and insurgency, associated with the Sunni community, against the Government of Iraq and its allies. Full details
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27 February 201915:30

Seminar Series - “Measuring global gender inequality indicators using large-scale online advertising data”

Abstract TBC. Full details
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6 March 201913:30

Data Analysis with R for Social Scientists

Building upon the basic introduction offered to R in workshop 4, this workshop will cover exploratory data analysis, quantitative data analysis, and visualising data using R, as well as introducing the various libraries that a user needs to be familiar with in order to carry out such tasks. Full details
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13 March 201915:30

Seminar Series - “Can genetics tell us anything about voting patterns, including Brexit?”

Abstract TBC. Full details
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20 March 201913:30

Longitudinal Data Analysis for Social Scientists

In this workshop you will learn about the principles of longitudinal data analysis; when it should be used and the advantages and disadvantages of longitudinal methods. Full details
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24 June 2019

Institute of Coding Summer School 2019 at the University of Exeter

For students with little or no experience of programming or coding, the Institute of Coding Summer School at Exeter is an opportunity to enhance your digital skills through a course designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of computer programming and social data analysis. Full details
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