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11 October - 12 December 2018

"Sewn Boats: People, Technologies and Materials of the Indian Ocean"

Sewn watercraft were predominant in the Indian Ocean until the arrival of the Europeans in the late 15th century. The sewn-plank ships that sailed the Indian Ocean in the pre-modern Islamic period (622-1500 CE) were agents of trade, religion, and culture. They connected the Indian Ocean and the littoral Islamic world, carrying people, goods, and ideas back and forth from East Africa to China. Full details
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14 - 15 November 201817:15

Professor Ozan Karaman (CNRS, Paris) presents "Urban redevelopment in Istanbul: contestations and negotiations"

Ozan Karaman is a CNRS researcher, based in LATTS (Research Centre on Technologies, Territories and Societies). Focusing on Istanbul, this talk will contextualize urbanization processes within an entrenched authoritarian-Islamic-neoliberal political framework and discuss facets of urban (re)development. Full details
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16 November 201817:30

"Women Voices in Kurdish Poetry" by Exeter Kurdish Translation Initiative

This event is a rare opportunity for the Anglophone audience to discover Kurdish poetry in translation. Members of the Exeter Kurdish Translation Initiative will read their original translations of 20th and 21st century Kurdish poetesses and poets and discuss the place of women issues and the emergence of women voices in this extremely rich yet little known poetry. Works read will include poems by Hemin Mukriyanî, Abdulla Goran, Trîfa Doskî, and Tîroj. The Exeter Kurdish Translation Initiative was launched in May 2018 following a translation workshop supported by the British Institute for the Study of Iraq and the Centre for Kurdish Studies. It gathers St Andrews and Exeter scholars in Kurdish and Arabic Literatures, Creative Writing, and Translation Studies. This event is part of the Exeter Literary Festival. More information about the festival is available here: Full details
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21 November 201817:15

Dr Katherine E Brown (University of Birmingham) presents "Gender and the Apocalypse in Daesh"

Dr Katherine E Brown is interested in Muslim women's involvement in violent religious politics, specifically those linked to Islam. This talk examines key areas of the apocalyptic institutions and practices at the heart of the Islamic State Group's (Daesh) propaganda and practices: first the idea of ‘sacred lands’ and future battles, second the destruction of shrines, third the creation of new saints as martyrs, fourth the narrative of paradise, and fifth the role of ‘widows’.. Full details
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28 November 201817:15

Professor Rasheed El-Enany (Emeritus Professor, University of Exeter) presents "Representations of Death in Naguib Mahfouz"

Full details
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4 December 201815:30

Seminar Series - 'From riot police to tweets: How world leaders use social media during contentious politics'

Elite communication has the potential to influence public opinion, civil conflict, and diplomatic interactions. However, a comparative study of leaders' public rhetoric has proven elusive due to the difficulties of developing comparable measures across countries and over time. The advent of social media sites, and its widespread adoption by world leaders, offers a unique new source of data to overcome these challenges. Full details
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5 December 201814:00

Sentiment Analysis/Career as a Data Scientist

ASI Data Science utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in conjunction with large and small data sets in order to provide businesses with a competitive advantage. In this workshop, members of the company will provide an in-depth understanding of sentiment analysis, and how it can identify and categorise opinions from text data in order to understand the attitude of the individual(s) that wrote a piece of text. Full details
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5 December 201817:15

Dr Carlos Cabrera-Tejedor (Oxford University) presents "The Seville Islamic Harbor"

Full details
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12 December 201817:15

Professor Neha Vora (Lafayette College) presents "American Universities, Liberalism and Transnational Qatar"

Full details
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9 January 201913:00

Introduction to R for Social Scientists

This workshop is aimed at those who have no experience of R, and will provide a solid introduction to using it for data analysis by covering how to handle data structures such as vectors, matrices, and data frames. Full details
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23 January 201913:00

Network Analysis for Social Scientists

This workshop provides an introduction for beginners to Social Network Analysis. It gives an overview of key concepts needed to design research that looks at social relations (networks) that connect individual units (actors), so that students can apply social network analysis to their own research.. Full details
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6 February 201913:00

Introduction to Discourse Network Analysis (DNA)

Discourse network analysis is a toolbox of research methods for the analysis of actor-based debates, such as policy debates or political discussions. Examples include the policy debates on climate change, pension politics, or around the introduction of large infrastructure projects. Political actors typically include organisations (interest groups, political parties, government agencies etc.) or individual persons (legislators, celebrities etc.). These actors make statements about policy instruments, solution concepts, narratives, frames, issues, arguments etc. in the media or other arenas, and these statements are temporally and cross-sectionally interdependent. Actors build coalitions in a debate by reinforcing each other’s statements or making similar statements, and they frequently contradict each other over time among these coalitions.. Full details
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