Photo of Dr Ghada Karmi

Dr Ghada Karmi

Honorary Research Fellow


Ghada Karmi is an honorary research fellow and an assistant lecturer at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies. Between 1999 and 2001 she was an Associate Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, where she worked on a reconciliation project in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Previously, she was Research Associate at the School of Oriental and African Studies and Senior Visiting Fellow at the Department of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies at Leeds University. Most of her recent research has been on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and has appeared widely on the British and Arab media and also contributes articles on Middle Eastern subjects to the Arabic and British press

She is a Palestinian born in Jerusalem, but spent most of her life in Britain, where she studied medicine and initially practised as a physician. She specialised in public health and attained consultant status in 1989. Her special interest was in the health and social conditions of ethnic minorities, migrants and asylum seekers. As such, she established and was the head of the first NHS Ethnic Health Unit in Britain. She carried out several in-depth studies of migrant groups, including the Moroccan and Egyptian communities in London.

Between 1972 and 1979, she worked on medieval Islamic medicine, in which she attained a Ph.D. from London University, and has continued to carry out research in this field.