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Dr Harriet Nash

BSc, MSc, PhD

Honorary Research Fellow

In March 2009, I was awarded my PhD on the use of stars for timing irrigation water in Oman.  Following nearly 30 years of work as a consultant hydrogeologist, I started the study on Oman in September 2005 under the supervision of Professor Dionisius A. Agius .

In 2010, I extended my area of research to Iran, where stars were used for timing irrigation water some 60 years ago, and have succeeded in identifying some of those stars. Continuing in Oman, by 2011 I had recorded the methos of star use and identified many of them in the 11 villages still using them, compared to 3000 before the 1970s and modernisation. Since then I have also interviewed fishermen and settled Bedouin as a pilot project for looking at star use in aommuncties as a whole and comparing names and knowledge for different puprposes. I returned in November 2018 to investigate a manuscript about stars once used on an irrigation system in the former capital, Rustaq. However, the few people rememring anything about star use are elderly, with poor eyesight. Only 2 or 3 of the villages previously studied still use stars,  and the little I have published to date is perhaps the only detailed redord of this traditional knowledge.



2018 Anglo-Oman Society

2014 Ancient & Modern for Oman

2009 Society of Arabian Studies research grant

2009 Society of Iranian Studies travel grant (used in 2010)

2009 Seven Pillars of Wisdom Trust for research on stargazing in Oman and Iran

2008 Prince Al Waleed Award for Furthering Understanding

2006-2008 AHRC scholarship for PhD studies

2005 Seven Pillars of Wisdom Trust for research on stargazing in Oman




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