B Law Hack

From 8 to 10 October 2019, our Law and Business students went to Pendennis Castle for the B Law Hack; designed to replicate the teambuilding sessions that trainees attend when they join a firm. First, the students completed four separate workshops with the aim of encouraging team work and self-confidence. The workshops were conducted by Active Plus, Miracle Theatre, Melanie Young and Emily Juniper, and Quiet Connections. With Active Plus the students were tasked with completing activities utilising teamwork and the strengths of their co-workers. With Miracle Theatre, the students learnt how to trust their fellow students through a series of tasks that encouraged the students to be wholly reliant on others. Melanie and Emily helped the students created some truly beautiful and informative books based on their legal hero. Finally, the group completed the session conducted by Quiet Connections on imposter syndrome. This session encouraged the students to be self-critical and self-evaluate. There was a notable difference in both the cohesiveness and self-confidence of the students following these sessions.

On the final day the students completed the Hack. This was where they had to hack the global problem of climate change. The students, within their law firms, identified an area that they perceived to be a problem, and then they came up with a solution to this issue through the creation of a new law or a constitutional convention. They were tasked with delivering a five minute presentation on their new law, followed by answering a series of questions from the floor. We were blown away by the impressive performances put on by the cohort. We witnessed presentations on banning plastic, reducing the number of flights, curtailing fast fashion, and combatting deforestation. The winners of the Hack were firm 8, followed closely by firms 3 and 6. It was a brilliant end to a fantastic three days!