Freshers’ Week 2019

On the 19 September our new Law and Business students went on an icebreaker trip. We started the day with a short ferry trip across the river from Falmouth to St Mawes. The students then headed to the Memorial Hall where they took part in a series of icebreaker sessions. First, the students stood in a circle, holding hands, facing outward. They then had to try and get everyone facing inwards without breaking the chain. This proved to be both a problematic and hilarious challenge with some students completing the icebreaker in record time! The next challenge saw the students being presented with divisive questions e.g. ‘are jaffa cakes a biscuit or a cake?’ They had to stand on the side of the hall they believed was correct and then argue their case. This allowed them to bring out their persuasive techniques that will be integral to their degree programme.

We then progressed onto speed networking, where they spoke to around five different people for two minutes about themselves and their lives; an excellent way for the students to meet each other.

Finally, we sorted them into their law firms which they will be in for the rest of the year in Legal Foundations. They were tasked with finding out their law firm’s answers to a series of funny and unusual questions.

Before we headed back home, we went to the St Mawes Bakery for a delicious pasty – a true introduction to life in Cornwall! We arrived back at the Penryn Campus with all the students feeling welcomed into their new life as an undergraduate, and feeling at ease with their fellow students.