International students

Our Law and Business Degree programmes in Cornwall have attracted applicants from across the World, because of our focus on globally transferrable skills in Law and Business in every subject. Over 1000 international students are already studying on our small friendly campus of 5,000 students overall. With 4 flights a day between Cornwall’s Newquay Airport and Heathrow starting on 31st March 2019, it is even easier to join us. 
We recognise that this is a transformative journey for each student on the Law and Business Programmes and we all have much to learn from each other. Our commitment to fostering a learning environment, which is strengthened by our diverse body of students is absolute and built into every part of the programme. For example:

  • Our informal discussions in Law Lab on the news events in Law and Business across the World , suggested each week by students
  • Our timetabled Law Firm meetings to prepare for our mock employment tribunals and Corporate negligence trial in Legal Foundations (LAW1022C),
  • Our comparative law assessed Research Project on Corporate Crime in Criminal Law (LAW1003C) and comparative law essay on Constitutions in Public and EU Law (LAW1039C)

We understand that everyone needs help and support to participate fully in learning and reach their full potential. We have developed a bespoke module: English, Society and Culture for the Law and Business Programme with our colleagues in the English for Academic Purposes teaching team, which is open to all international students on Law and Business programmes. This will run as a timetabled weekly session in conjunction with the 1-1 skills sessions between every student and their academic tutor and the core skills sessions, which are embedded into the curriculum.

Our friendly approach and pastoral care in Cornwall has been consistently recognised as excellent by international students. Please follow the links below to find out more: