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Research seminars 
The Law School of Exeter organises a research seminar series. The seminars are open to staff, researchers, postgraduate students and the university’s stakeholders. Find out more.

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16 October 201912:30

SWDTP Information Session

Gabriel Katz, Exeter's Institutional Academic Lead for the ESRC-funded South West Doctoral Training Programme (SWDTP), has organised an information session on the SWDTP PhD and MA Programs, scholarships and selection procedures. Full details
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17 October 201918:00

The female genital mutilation trials: what went wrong?

The female genital mutilation trials: what went wrong? Thursday 17th October 2019, 6pm. Exeter University, Building One (Business School), Constantine Leventis Teaching Room, Streatham Campus. Marge Berer To date there have only been five prosecutions under the Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003. The first four, against medical practitioners, all failed, but the fifth, against the parents of a of a 3 year-old girl, ended in the conviction of the mother (R v N, 2019). Marge Berer attended all of the trials and will speak about why the first four failed, and about problems with the fifth trial, in particular the manner in which a 'witchcraft narrative' assumed great significance in that case. Marge Berer is the founding editor Reproductive Health Matters and was the first chairwoman of the Gender Advisory Panel, WHO department of Reproductive Health and Research from 1996 to 2001. Now an independent researcher, she is the author of The Berer Blog.. Full details
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18 October 201910:00

Rob Merkin: Plenary Session, Asia-Pacific Insurance Conference

Asia-Pacific Insurance Conference October 2019, Singapore. Full details
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18 October 201917:30

Penryn Campus: Where your Law degree can take you - alumni discussion panel

Come along to our Alumni discussion panel and speak to a number of Exeter graduates who have taken different career routes with their Law degrees!. Full details
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18 October 201917:30

Careers Discussion at Exeter Law School Cornwall / Skol an Lagha Karesk

Come along to our Alumni discussion panel and speak to a number of Exeter graduates who have taken different career routes with their Law degrees! This will be a fantastic opportunity to network with a number of prestigious Law Alumni, find out about their careers, and learn about what steps you can take to follow a similar path. All graduates are from within the last six years, so they will be able to provide perspectives and advice careers in law. There will be a drinks and nibbles reception afterwardsin Exchange RED, where you will have chance to speak with all the Alumni. Full details
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23 October 201918:00

Professor Sue Prince, Professor of Law at the University of Exeter - Inaugural Lecture

Professor Sue Prince, Professor of Law at the University of Exeter, will be presenting her Inaugural Lecture on "The 21st Century Academic Warior: Adversarialism and Justice". Full details
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29 October 201913:00

When politics and diplomacy collide; the conflict spiral in the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

An investigation into the conflicting interests and powerplay revealed in the behaviour of the main protagonists- USSR and USA. A brief overview of this dangerous incident will be provided, but the main focus will be an analysis of public versus private decisions. We'll look at the personal drives and motivations of key figures such as John F Kennedy and Nikita Khrushev and discover why was not all as it seemed... Full details
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6 November 201913:00

Data Analysis and visualisation with Python for Social Scientists

Building upon the basic introduction offered to Python in workshop 1, this workshop will cover exploratory data analysis, quantitative data analysis, and visualising data in Python and the Seaborn package. Full details
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8 November 201915:30

The case against perfection in the mean: Why it is time for an individualised approach to evidence for education

Analyses of educational interventions need to produce evidence that is relevant to specific groups of students. When a group is not the target population of an intervention, any analysis involving just that group is called subgroup analysis, which is often regarded as a statistical malpractice, as its findings are often underpowered, unreliable, prone to overinterpretation at best, or misleading at worst.. Full details
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20 November 201914:00

CELS research seminar: Prof. Ch. Villiers (University of Bristol) & Prof. I. Alvarez Vega (University of Oviedo)

Non-financial reporting in EU law - comparing progress in the UK and Spain’. Full details
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4 December 201913:00

Introduction to LaTex

LaTex is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting that is used extensively in academia and elsewhere for technical and scientific documents. This workshop is aimed at those with little-to-no experience of LaTex, but who wish to develop a working understanding of it in order to produce high-quality documents. Full details
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