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Global PSSL as partnership alongside United Nations Principles

Global Principles for Sustainable Securities Lending (Global PSSL) is pleased that the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Limited (SuMi TRUST Bank) has recognised Global PSSL as one of its partners.

Report calls for urgent action to address alarming lack of diversity in climate change decision making less than a month before COP26 begins

A new report has revealed extremely low levels of ethnically diverse and equal gender representation in the debate around tackling climate change in Bristol.

Compassionate communities key to preventing domestic abuse

New research by the Wales Violence Prevention Unit and the University of Exeter indicates people are more likely to take action against domestic abuse and its warning signs if they feel connected to their community.

Cyber Law Toolkit Presents Annual Update Including an Overview of National Positions, Invites New Submissions

On 22 September 2021, Dr Kubo Mačák, the General Editor of the Cyber Law Toolkit, introduced its annual update at the CyberCon conference in Brno, Czech Republic.

Innocent children feeling pressure to admit guilt to avoid prosecution, report warns

Children who have not committed a crime are likely to be admitting guilt and accepting cautions just to avoid prosecution, a new report warns.

Revised Global Principles for Sustainable Securities Lending issued alongside opening signatories

Global Principles for Sustainable Securities Lending (Global PSSL) today published fully revised and updated principles for sustainable securities lending alongside invited opening signatories, available [here].

Focus on coercive control and gendered approach must be at the heart of efforts to address domestic violence and abuse, study argues

Moving away from a gender-neutral approach and a greater focus on the impact of coercive control should be at the heart of attempts to address domestic violence and abuse, a study argues.

Giving performers copyright over their work could protect them from deepfake technology, study shows

Giving performers copyright over their work could protect them from being cloned by deepfake technology, a study says.

Lack of global standards for Covid-19 certificates 'barrier to their successful implementation', report warns

The lack of global standards for coronavirus certificates is a key barrier to their successful implementation around the world, a new report warns.

Research highlights “serious concerns” about strategy and conduct of Post Office lawyers during High Court case

Further investigations should take place to assess whether lawyers involved in a recent Post Office case in the High Court may have committed professional misconduct in their handling of that case, researchers have said.

Raphaël Girard co-presents paper on populism and public self-trust

Co-presented with Dr David Vitale of the University of Warwick at the 2021 ICON•S Mundo conference, organised and hosted by the International Society of Public Law (ICON•S).

Raphaël Girard publishes a book chapter on populism, ‘the people’ and popular sovereignty

The aim of the chapter is to identify and explain the defining features of the ‘ideal-typical’ populist discourse, particularly as they relate to popular sovereignty and the concept of ‘the people’.

UK and Ireland Patent Scholars Network Inaugural Virtual PhD Research Symposium, 24th June 2021

The Patent Scholars Network, jointly hosted by the University of Exeter and the University of Maynooth (Ireland) recently hosted a PhD research symposium for early career researchers.

The University of Exeter joins Preferred Partner Scheme

The Aziz Foundation is pleased to announce that it will be offering Master’s scholarships at The University of Exeter for exceptional students, from a British Muslim background, looking to progress onto postgraduate study.

Experts issue “urgent call” for new international forum to help people displaced within their own country

Experts have issued an “urgent call” for a new international forum to help people who are displaced within their own country.

Cornwall Law Society awards prize for Outstanding Legal Academic Performance

Cornwall Law Society are sponsoring a new prize for Law with Business students at the University of Exeter's Penryn Campus in Cornwall.

Impact of COVID-19 on weddings reinforces need for marriage law reforms, experts say

Coronavirus disruption to weddings has highlighted the complexity and antiquity of marriage law and reinforced the need for reform, a new study shows.

New support for teachers to help pupils manage emotions and have their voices heard when parents separate

Experts have designed new lesson plans to help pupils manage the emotions they may feel when parents separate and ensure their voices are heard during this difficult time.

Legislation should ensure Covid-19 health status certificates are only used during the pandemic, study argues

Lawmakers around the world should include “sunset clauses” in legislation to ensure Covid-19 health status certificates are only used during the pandemic, a new study says.

Children likely to be pleading guilty when innocent, study argues

Young people need additional support and protection in the criminal justice system because they are more susceptible to pleading guilty when innocent, a new study argues.  

Unreliable witness testimony biggest cause of miscarriages of justice over the past 50 years, study suggests

Unreliable witness testimony has been the biggest cause of miscarriages of justice over the past half century, a major new study suggests.

Konstantinos Alexandris Polomarkakis co-presents paper on EU social rights

The paper was presented at the 23rd Irish European Law Forum conference on 'Critical Exploration of Human Rights: When Human Rights become Part of the Problem', hosted by the UCD Centre for Human Rights.

Christopher Stanley presents his work on litigating the Irish mother and baby home atrocity

On 28th April 2021 the Human Rights and Democracy Forum welcomed Christopher Stanley.

Michelmores awards prize for commercial awareness to University of Exeter Law with Business student

We are delighted to confirm that this year’s prize winner is Irina Campan.

European rules to protect consumers using digital services such as social media need “significant changes”, experts warn

European laws protecting consumers using digital services such as social media and search engines need “significant changes”, experts have warned.

University of Exeter expert to join the Pensions for Purpose Paris Alignment Forum

A University of Exeter academic will participate in a new forum set up by experts to explore the role of pension funds, asset managers and thought leaders in helping firms to cut greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.

Baroness Hale of Richmond gave this year’s Baroness Butler-Sloss Annual Family Law Lecture

Baroness Hale of Richmond, DBE PC FBA, former President of the Supreme Court gave this year’s GW4 Family Regulation and Society Network and Exeter Law School Baroness Butler-Sloss Annual Family Law Lecture on the topical subject of “Family Law in a Crisis".

University of Exeter expert advising on legal reforms to better protect people from abuse using intimate images

A University of Exeter expert is advising on legal reforms designed to better protect people from abuse using intimate images. 

Mollie Gascoigne joins the Young Lawyers Committee of the Human Rights Lawyers Association

The Human Rights Lawyers Association (HRLA) is a forum for legal professionals and people interested in the law to discuss human rights issues.

Couples who married in alternative wedding ceremonies needed to help with new research project

Couples who chose to marry in an alternative wedding ceremony can take part in a major new research project which will shed light on the demand for non-legal marriage services in England and Wales.

Database of miscarriages of justice launched as part of new evidence-based justice initiative

A database showing miscarriages of justice that have occurred over the past 50 years has been launched as part of a new initiative aimed at using evidence from psychology and data science to improve the legal system.

The University of Exeter Law Society are nominated for three LawCareers.Net awards

The awards, which are sponsored by Willkie Farr & Gallagher (UK) LLP, seek to celebrate the brilliant work of student law societies, especially during a difficult year of remote learning and social distancing

Swati Gola publishes an article on the proposed Indian legislation on surrogacy.

The article is entitled, ‘One step forward or one step back? Autonomy, agency and surrogates in the Indian Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2019’.

Natalie Sedacca publishes blog post on ruling about the value of domestic work

The post appeared on the UK Labour Law blog.

Processes for monitoring deaths following police use of force need urgent improvement, warns a new report

An international research team led by Exeter academics has produced a report on the recording and publishing of data about deaths associated with police uses of force in Europe.

Using human rights laws may be most effective way of harnessing international legislation to protect the Amazon, study shows

Using laws governing human rights may be the best way of harnessing international legislation and tribunals to protect the Amazon, a new study shows.

Professor Richard Moorhead publishes his thoughts in The Times

Professor Richard Moorhead publishes his thoughts on the position of the Law Society chief while he defends his case at a disciplinary tribunal

Advising the European Parliament on how to ‘Update the Unfair Contract Terms Directive for Digital Services’

Professor Joasia Luzak (Centre for European Legal Studies) together with Professor Marco Loos (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands) took on this important task.

Swati Gola presents her research on surrogacy laws in India

Swati Gola presented a paper on 13th January 2021 at the 4th Faculty Seminar (Virtual), National Law University Delhi.

Dr Chris O'Meara publishes a new book on the right of self-defence in international law

An essential new addition to OUP's prestigious ‘Oxford Monographs in International Law’ series.

‘Fake News Law’ needed to protect the public against the spread of fake news, experts argue

There is an urgent need to regulate fake news, and even criminalising the deliberate creation and spread of false information should not be ruled out, legal experts have warned.

Assessment of the quality of the legal aid services to Dutch consumers

Professor Joasia Luzak (Centre for European Legal Studies) was one of the two external experts asked to analyse dossiers of cases within this Consumer Pilot.

Law academic gives ‘historic interview’ about constitutional reform on Icelandic TV

Catherine Dupré was interviewed on leading Icelandic political talk show, Silfrið, on 8th November 2020 about the ongoing constitutional reform process in Iceland.

Major changes to interpretation of the Human Rights Act needed to protect people during arrest and detention, research argues

Major changes to the way courts interpret the Human Rights Act are necessary so the legislation does more to protect people detained because of the expansion of police powers, a new study says.

Legal reforms needed to protect people from “deepfake” and AI intellectual property theft, expert warns

Legal reforms are needed to protect people from their image being copied by “deepfake” or AI technology, an expert has warned.

Funding awarded to help more people in Wales tackle rising cases of domestic abuse

Delivery drivers, neighbours and colleagues in virtual meetings could help tackle rising domestic abuse with the right training and support in a world changed by COVID-19.

Digital health passports should not be rolled out on a mass basis until COVID-19 vaccines are available to all, report warns

Digital health passports should not be introduced on a mass basis until coronavirus tests are available and affordable to everyone in the country, report warns

University of Exeter hosts the Society of Legal Scholars’ conference

This was the Society’s 111th annual conference but its first to be held virtually.

Phillipa Collins presents her research on 'Homeworking, surveillance-by-software and the right to privacy'

A recording of the talk is also available online.

Philippa Collins discusses her research on employer surveillance of people working from home

The research was published on the Each Other UK human rights charity website.

Stephen Skinner presents his research on the nature of criminal law under Fascism and democracy

Stephen Skinner presented a paper on 30 November 2020 in an online seminar organised by the Oxford Criminal Law Discussion Group.

Reform of UK company takeover rules would boost productivity and investment, Parliamentarians told

Reforms to company takeover rules could boost UK productivity, increase investment opportunities and limit inefficient management, politicians have been told.

Dr Ben Hudson provides expertise to UN Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on Internal Displacement

The aim of the High-Level Panel is to identify innovative and concrete solutions to the plight of internally displaced persons.

Experts urge new campaign to stop acrimonious family court battles during relationship breakdowns

A permanent change in cultural attitudes is needed to steer separating parents away from acrimonious legal proceedings during family breakdowns, experts have said. 

UK and Ireland Patent Scholars Network virtual seminar series continues

Dr Naomi Hawkins and Dr Karen Walsh, together with Dr Aisling McMahon (Maynooth University), have been hosting a virtual monthly seminar series to provide a forum to discuss research in progress from leading patent scholars based in the UK and Ireland.

Professor Nasu appointed as a Senior Fellow at the US Naval War College

Exeter Law School’s Professor Hitoshi Nasu has recently been appointed as a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Stockton Centre for International Law at the United States Naval War College.

University of Exeter expert appointed to prestigious economic committee

A University of Exeter expert has been appointed to be a member of a prestigious economic network.

New funding for the creation of a digital mediation / arbitration online platform for 3D Printing and AI

Dr James Griffin and Dr Kyriaki Noussia have been awarded an ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) Project Co-Creation Fund Award.

New book on Icelandic Constitutional Reform

Catherine Dupré co-edits the first comprehensive analysis of the constitutional reform undertaken in Iceland in the wake of the 2008 pots and pans revolution.

International cyber law project co-led by Exeter receives general update

The Toolkit has expanded by adding new scenarios that provide independent legal analysis of novel questions raised by the hostile uses of information and communications technologies.


Celebrating our students' successes

The end of the 2019/20 academic year saw 30 academic prizes awarded to hard-working students throughout the Law School.

Introducing third legal gender option popular with majority of trans and non-binary people, research shows

Introducing a third legal gender option is popular with the majority of trans and non-binary people, research suggests.

Dr Severine Saintier co-edits new book entitled Vulnerable Consumers and the Law

This new book charts the difficulties encountered by vulnerable consumers in their access to justice.

Zotero Consumer Law Female Collective database: Promoting scholarship of women in consumer law

Research shows that publications of scholars who are women are less likely to be referred to than those of male authors. Is this the case in the field of consumer law studies, as well?

3D printing poses a “grave and growing threat” to people’s privacy, experts warn

3D printing technology poses a “grave and growing threat” to individual privacy because of the potential for products to reveal private information about individuals, experts have warned.

Development of international principles for sustainable securities lending gains global traction

Experts and major organisations have co-created the first international principles that will encourage more concerted efforts towards sustainable securities lending.

Research into what helps couples to thrive used to teach teenagers about healthy relationships

Research showing the key features of healthy relationships will be used in schools around the country to help teenagers learn how to build healthy relationships of their own.

Theft law needs reform to reduce the risk of judgements which lack “common sense”, new study warns

Theft law needs reform so the crime is based on consent not dishonesty – reducing the risk of judgements which lack “common sense” – a new study warns.

Law and Business module redesign is national example of best practice

The University of Exeter team for the National Learning Design BootCamp 2020 presented their redesign of a core undergraduate module to the final national conference last week.

UK and Ireland Patent Network virtual seminar series launched

The Patent Scholars Network, a network of patent scholars in the UK and Ireland, is running an online seminar series in summer 2020.

New study will investigate risks COVID-19 "immunity passports" pose to human rights

A new study will examine the risks coronavirus “immunity passports” pose to human rights as more countries begin to use technology to monitor health during the pandemic.

University of Exeter research leads to historic introduction of no fault divorce in England

Influential University of Exeter research has led to the historic introduction of no fault divorce in England and Wales.

Insurers should be willing to negotiate coronavirus claims to avoid courts being overwhelmed, study warns

Insurers should be open to negotiating coronavirus claims to avoid courts becoming overwhelmed with disputes, a new study warns.

Training bystanders to intervene will help to prevent domestic violence and abuse, study shows

Empowering people to intervene when they witness unacceptable behaviour can help to prevent domestic violence and abuse, a new study has found.

Greta Bosch edits new European Journal of Legal Education

This new journal will publish articles on any aspect of legal education. It is the revived journal of the European Law Faculties Association.

Video link weddings should be allowed to help the desperately ill during the coronavirus pandemic, expert recommends

Weddings via video link should be allowed for those desperately ill during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a leading marriage-law expert.

Dr Naomi Hawkins appointed to leadership role in collaborative initiative between the University of Exeter and the University of Queensland

Dr Naomi Hawkins has been appointed as theme lead for the QUEX Institute’s new theme: Digital Worlds and Disruptive Technologies.

Exeter researchers secure prestigious national fellowships

Five leading researchers from across disciplines at the University of Exeter have received prestigious national fellowships, it has been announced.

Couples should work as a team and make plans for the future to ensure their relationship thrives during coronavirus lockdown, experts say

Couples trying to cope with the coronavirus lockdown should work as a team and make future plans to keep their relationship strong during the crisis, experts have said.

Interactive product labels require new regulations, study warns

Artificial intelligence will be increasingly used on labels on food and other products in the future to make them interactive, and regulations should be reformed now so they take account of new innovations, a study warns.

“Blind over-reliance” on AI technology to manage international migration could lead to serious breaches of human rights, study warns

Over-reliance by countries on artificial intelligence to tackle international migration and manage future migration crisis could lead to serious breaches of human rights, a new study warns.

Global Sustainable Trillions appointment for SFLS founder

Sustainable Finance – the Law – Stakeholders (SFLS) Network has featured in a number of prominent financial and legal publications this week as Dr Radek Stech, who won a highly prestigious Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) grant, prepares to launch the ISLA Council for Sustainable Finance (ICSF).

Exeter Law degree wins Franco-British Lawyers Society award

Our LLB in English Law and French Law / Master 1 (Maitrise en Droit) has won an academic award from the Franco-British Lawyers Society.

Flamank Law Society hosts the first-ever set of mooting sessions

The last week of term saw the first-ever set of mooting sessions hosted by Flamank Law Society take place. We were lucky enough to welcome Christian Waterfield and Catherine Whitford as the judges for the two sessions. 

Higher education staff support new legal duty for universities to prevent and respond effectively to sexual violence and harassment, study shows

Higher education staff are in favour of new legal duties for universities to prevent and respond effectively to sexual violence and harassment on campus, according to a new study.

Flamank Law Society hosts the Chief Special Trial Judge of the United States Tax Court

On the 21st November Flamank Law Society hosted Peter Panuthos, the Chief Special Trial Judge of the United States Tax Court, at the Penryn Campus, Cornwall.

Dr Sari speaks on hybrid threats

Dr Aurel Sari, Associate Professor of Public International Law at Exeter Law School, has continued his travels this term to discuss the legal dimension of hybrid threats.

Dr Beduschi presented her research findings at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights

Dr Beduschi discussed how new technologies, including artificial intelligence, impact humanitarian action in the context of international migration.

Axis of Protection Seminar Series in Geneva

The first seminar of the Axis of Protection Seminar Series of 2019/2020 took place at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland.

Cyber Law Toolkit Expands: ICRC and Wuhan University Join the Project Consortium

In October 2019, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Wuhan University, China, joined the Cyber Law Toolkit project led by Dr Kubo Mačák.

Professor Schmitt recognized internationally

Exeter Law School’s Professor Mike Schmitt has recently received a number of prestigious appointments. 

Exeter BAME Law is making a difference to the Law community in Exeter

Exeter BAME Law have clear goals of being an inclusive platform, of promoting access to equal career opportunities and of inspiring the student body at the university.

Non-Final Year Prize Celebration 2019

On 22nd October 2019, Exeter Law School held its inaugural Non-Final Year Prizes Celebration.

Henry VIII’s marital troubles may have influenced other splits, newly-discovered documents show

Newly-discovered documents show Henry VIII’s legendary marital troubles may have led to other copy-cat splits around the country.

Britain’s laws are harming businesses operating in space, experts warn

Britain’s laws are harming hi-tech companies who want to operate in the burgeoning space industry, experts have warned.

Victims Commissioner launches pioneering football programme to tackle toxic locker room culture

Dame Vera Baird has praised a pioneering programme which trains football coaches to act as role models and intervene when they witness unacceptable locker room behaviour.


Exeter Law School in Cornwall officially opens

On Friday 20 September 2019 we officially launched our Exeter Law School in Cornwall (Skol an Lagha Karesk). The event was attended by our first cohort of students as well as staff, local solicitors, barristers and members of the Cornwall Law Society.

Dr Beduschi to undertake visiting fellowship at prestigious institution in Geneva

Dr Beduschi will carry out research on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights

Prof Luzak convenes 'The Transparent Trap: Disclosing Information to Consumers' conference in Amsterdam

Prof. McFarlane (UCL) once said: "Law is difficult - it's meant to be difficult'. The speakers and attendees at 'The Transparent Trap: Disclosing Information to Consumers' conference, held on 4-5 July 2019 at the University of Amsterdam, disagree with this statement and spent a day and a half discussing how policymakers but also private actors could simplify the information design.

University of Exeter academic presents to the Sri Lankan IRC 2019

Presentation about the tracking and tracing of 3D printed content,

Students to offer free legal support for community as part of new degree course

University of Exeter students will provide free legal support for those in need in their community as part of a new law degree in Cornwall.

Stephen Skinner’s latest book on criminal law under authoritarian regimes published by Hart

Stephen Skinner’s second edited collection on criminal law under Fascist, National Socialist and other authoritarian regimes was published by Hart on 5 September.

New research warns incentives to plead guilty can undermine the right to a fair trial

New research suggests that the right to a fair trial can be undermined by benefits associated with pleading guilty, and that such benefits are putting pressure on vulnerable defendants to admit to crimes they did not commit.

When should NHS contact patients over faulty genes?

The NHS and health services worldwide need to develop policies on when patients should be “re-contacted” about faulty genes, as the current lack of guidance creates a dilemma for health services, experts have warned.

Stephen Skinner’s book on the right to life and lethal force published by Hart

Stephen Skinner’s latest book, Lethal Force, the Right to Life and the ECHR: Narratives of Death and Democracy was published by Hart in August.

Giving people a “digital identity” could leave them vulnerable to discrimination, experts warn

Global efforts to give millions of people missing key paper documents such as birth certificates a digital identity could leave them vulnerable to persecution or discrimination, a new study warns.

Exeter legal academics discuss military space operations at expert meeting in The Hague

Between 5 and 9 August 2019, Professor Hitoshi Nasu and Dr Kubo Mačák attended the third meeting of the Woomera Manual on the International Law of Military Space Operations in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Winner of the Ashurst Outstanding Law Student Prize announced

We are delighted to announce that Abigail Wilson is the winner of the 2019 Ashurst Outstanding Law Student Prize.

PhD candidate Meriem Naili’s research on the Western Sahara

Meriem Naili, a PhD candidate at the College of Social Sciences and International Studies, has spent recent months conducting interviews as part of her research on the conflict in Western Sahara. The interviews took place in London and New York where she gained valuable insights from, among others, Aminatou Haidar, one of Africa’s most prominent human rights activist and Nobel Prize nominee.

Energy price cap has "destroyed" competitive market for consumers, research shows

Introducing a price cap for energy bills has “destroyed” the UK’s competitive market for gas and electricity, new research warns.

Exeter academic’s research features in Parliamentary report on the enforcement of the Equality Act

Dr David Barrett’s research was utilised by the Women and Equalities Committee of the House of Commons in its recent inquiry on the Enforcement of the Equality Act 2010.

Dr Joseph Lee on enhancing access to finance in the era of digitisation

Dr Joseph Lee of Exeter Law School contributed to a panel on financial technologies jointly with Professor David Donald of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) at the Unpacking the Complexity of Global Regulatory Governance Conference in Hong Kong in July 2019. 

Cyber law in time of war: Exeter academic presents at a cyber diplomacy event in Tallinn

On 24 July 2019, Dr Kubo Mačák spoke at the Tallinn Summer School of Cyber Diplomacy on the topic “Cyber Operations and International Humanitarian Law”.

Market competition sets tone for lower cost of UK mobile phone contracts, research shows

Healthy and competitive markets – and not stringent regulations – help dial back the cost of mobile phone contacts, according to new research.

Professor Chantal Stebbings gave the 2019 Selden Society Lecture

The lecture was entitled The Taxation of Georgian Luxury: An Insignificant Orthodoxy? 

Exeter Centre for International Law donates books to Zambian armed forces

In a fitting close to the academic year, the textbooks on the law of armed conflict were donated to the Defence and Command Staff College of the Defence Force of Zambia.

Legal protection for domestic and sexual violence: inclusions and exclusions

What is the impact on victims of the legal misunderstandings around coercive control, adolescent-parent violence and ‘revenge porn’?

Exeter academics participate in military operations course at West Point

Three members of the Exeter Centre for International Law travelled to West Point in June 2019 to attend the second US Military Operations Course at the United States Military Academy.

New toolkit to provide guidance on international cyber law

International lawyers and cyber experts have worked together to give new guidance on how countries may respond to malicious cyber operations such as computer hacking aimed at interfering with foreign elections.

Dr Gola speaks on GATS and the right to health

Dr Swati Gola contributed to 8th Conference of the Postgraduate and Early Professionals/Academics Network of the Society of International Economic Law (PEPA/SIEL) this year

Global Cyber Law Capacity Building Effort Supported by Exeter Law School

Mike Schmitt, Professor of Public International Law, has been busy training government officials around the world on international cyber law.

University of Exeter Law School Celebrates new Partnership with Wuhan University

In May 2019, the University of Exeter’s School of Law and Wuhan University finalised a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop closer ties between our institutions.

Exeter researchers lead discussions on fair pay in the UK voice-over industry with industry experts

Exeter academics met with key industry organisations to discuss their latest research findings on voice-over actors' remuneration and contracts.

Catherine Dupré guest-edits a special issue of the European Human Rights Law Review focusing on human dignity in the UK.

The special issue provides essential insights to understand and use human dignity-based arguments in order to protect some of the most vulnerable members of society.

Launch of report on hybrid threats

On 11 April, Dr Aurel Sari contributed to the launch of a report on hybrid threats at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

Bodies in time(s): Intersex Embodiment and the Logic of Emergency – a SCuLE talk

Mitchell Travis visits University of Exeter to discuss his paper on Bodies in time(s): Intersex Embodiment and the Logic of Emergency

Dr Joseph Lee presented his project on data governance and government innovation at the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Taiwan.

Dr Joseph Lee discussed how data analytics could enhance corporate services provided by the government and the ethical implications for the government.

Exeter academic leads session at conference on affordable medicines

Dr Naomi Hawkins led a session at the recent UK Spine Conference on Affordable Medicines exploring ways to enhance open innovation in drug discovery.

Innovative degree helps future lawyers prepare for new technology and online courts

Students have the opportunity to study at a top university and global firm as part of a new course designed to prepare them for the growth in legal innovation and technology and how it will change the role of judges and lawyers as well as increase the potential for access to justice for litigants.

Exeter hosts conference on legal resilience and hybrid threats

In April 2019, the Exeter Centre for International Law hosted a conference on “Legal Resilience in an Era of Hybrid Threats”.

Law in Cornwall team arrange exciting Grand Challenges activity for students on the Penryn Campus

Grand Challenges is a project week, from 10 to 14 June 2019, in which students work in interdisciplinary groups with other like-minded students to design innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

University of Exeter Law School hosts inaugural meeting of the Patent Scholars Network

The University of Exeter Law School has hosted the first meeting of the Patent Scholars Network, welcoming academics from across the UK and the Republic of Ireland for a meeting on 11 and 12 April 2019.

SCuLE organises a writing retreat in the heart of Exeter

The Science, Culture and Law at Exeter research centre recently held a full-day writing retreat, at the Devon and Exeter Institution on Cathedral Green in Exeter.

Exeter Cohort 5 Pathways to Law Students Graduate

26 students from 14 state schools and colleges from across the South West region graduated from the Pathways to Law programme

Social Sciences Alumni Return for Q&A and Networking with Exeter Scholars Students

A panel of alumni from the College of Social Sciences and International Studies attended an Exeter Scholars event, answering questions posed by Year 12 students on this prestigious programme, followed by a round table networking session.

Professor Richard Moorhead appointed as Exeter’s new Head of Law

The University of Exeter has appointed Professor Richard Moorhead as the new Head of Law starting in September 2019.

Exeter academic speaks on the legal aspects of military cyber operations at Leiden University

Dr Kubo Mačák delivered a Visiting Fellow lecture entitled “Under Pressure: Jus in Bello Norms and Cyber Operations”.

Professor Mike Schmitt has been named a Visiting Professor at the University of Texas Law School

The University is renowned for its work in the field of national security.

UK performers could face falling wages thanks to the gig economy, experts warn

The gig economy could drive down wages and de-professionalise the UK voice-over industry as jobs are increasingly advertised online, experts have warned.

Domestic abuse: the psychology of coercive control remains a legal battlefield

Dr Charlotte Bishop, Lecturer in Law from the University of Exeter, writes for the Conversation UK

Exeter academic to undertake a visiting fellowship at Leiden University

Dr Kubo Mačák will spend a month exploring the role of non-state led initiatives in the development of international cyber law at Leiden University’s Hague Program for Cyber Norms

Almost half of us mistakenly believe that common law marriage exists

Almost half of people in England and Wales mistakenly believe that unmarried couples who live together have a common law marriage and enjoy the same rights as couples that are legally married. 

Law School student Rama Sahtout passes her viva on “Temporary Refuge as a Response to Large-Scale Refugee Influxes"

Rama Sahtout, a doctoral student at Exeter Law School, recently passed her viva on a thesis entitled "Temporary Refuge as a Response to Large-Scale Refugee Influxes". Rama’s research was supervised by Professor Michael Addo.

Fair pay and fair play in the UK voice-over industry

The voices you hear in adverts, animated films or documentary are real, but they are invisible in policy-making and in licensing agreements. Exeter researchers launch the first study into the contractual practices in the UK voice-over industry. 

Delegation from Okinawa visits Exeter to discuss status of US military forces

On 10 January 2019, the Exeter Centre for International Law hosted a delegation from the Okinawa Prefectural Government. 

Ribbon cutting by Sir Robin Knowles celebrates contributions by Exeter law students

On November 29, the University of Exeter Community Law Clinic held a day of celebrations and collaboration to recognise the work done by Exeter law students.  

Dr Joseph Lee convened an international workshop on AI in financial services.

Dr Lee held a workshop titled ‘AI in Financial Markets: Innovation, Law, and New Ecosystems’

First female President of the UK Supreme Court visits the University of Exeter

The first female President of the Supreme Court inspired University of Exeter students hoping to be the lawyers of the future with a motivating speech about her pioneering career.

Silver anniversary for pioneering law degree

Academics and students are celebrating the silver anniversary of a unique degree offered by the University of Exeter that enables students to study both English and French law at the same time.

Exeter Professor Trains Government Officials Globally on Cyber Law

Professor Mike Schmitt has completed a six-week journey training government officials on how international law governs hostile cyber operations.

Religious vows, readings and music should be allowed in civil marriage, study shows

Couples marrying in civil ceremonies should be allowed to have religious vows, rituals, readings, and music as part of their ceremony for the first time, a major new study has concluded.

Cairo delegation visit explores combating harassment and violence against women

Representatives from Cairo University visited the UK for a one-week study visit to explore different models of combating harassment and violence against women on university campuses. 

University of Exeter joins President Macron’s campaign to fight cyber-attacks

The University of Exeter has joined governments around the world and technology giants in backing President Macron of France’s campaign to fight cyber-attacks.

Exeter School of Law Celebrates Success in Major International Rankings

The University of Exeter’s School of Law has enjoyed a sharp rise in the influential Times Higher Education Subject rankings for Law. Ranked 93rd in 2018, the 2019 rankings have seen the School of Law jump to 72nd in the world, one of the larger improvements of rankings from any institutions in the top 100. 

Young adults discuss consent and rape culture at Festival of Social Science event

As part of the Economic and Social Research Council's (ESRC) Festival of Social Science (FOSS), Lecturer in Politics, Dr Sarah Cooper, in collaboration with Professor Claire Dunlop and Dr Owen Thomas, hosted a public engagement event to explore the construction of consent in the courtroom. 

Exeter academic receives prestigious fellowship

A law academic from the University of Exeter has been awarded a prestigious Academic Fellowship that recognises outstanding contribution of legal teaching and research.

Dr Joseph Lee speaks at the 18th Tsinghua Commercial Law Symposium in Beijing, China

Dr Joseph Lee, Director of the Centre for Commercial and Corporate Law (CCCL), participated in the 18th Tsinghua Commercial Law Symposium in Beijing, China. 

Dr Naomi Hawkins visits University of Queensland and University of Melbourne, Australia

During October 2018, Dr Naomi Hawkins visited the University of Queensland and the University of Melbourne in Australia to further develop existing research relationships with both institutions.

Who owns ‘Outsider Art’? New research at the crossroads of Law, Disability and the Arts

'Outsider Art' exhibitions often sell out and early pieces from this movement now reach record prices. But who owns the artworks and who is entitled to their royalties?

ESRC SWDTP funded 1+3 or +3 studentships

The Law School is pleased to offer ESRC funded 1+3 or +3 studentships as part of the South West Doctoral Training Partnership for entry in 2019-20.

India’s Additional Solicitor General meets University of Exeter legal experts

India’s Additional Solicitor General met University of Exeter’s legal experts during a visit to discover more about their work.

Professor Michael Schmitt named the Howard S. Levie Professor of Law and Armed Conflict at the War College

Professor Michael Schmitt, who holds a dual-appointment at the University of Exeter Law School and the United States Naval War College, has been named the Howard S. Levie Professor of Law and Armed Conflict at the War College. 

Prize and Fellowship for Exeter Law Professor

Professor Rebecca Probert has won the Society of Legal Scholars' Best Paper Prize for 2018 and has also been made a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Smart contracts and LegalTech- the future?

Dr Joseph Lee, Director of the Centre for Commercial and Corporate Law, hosted an international conference on international commercial contract law in London. The conference focused on the use of new smart technologies and new trade practices in international transactions.

New legal bid to stop dredging of Battle of Britain site

Campaigners trying to stop a Battle of Britain site from being dredged are hoping to launch a new High Court bid to protect archaeological finds and wildlife at the site.

Partnership with Chinese University of Hong Kong to tackle Global Food Security, Climate Change, and Resilience

The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Exeter come together to create the Joint Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Resilience (ENSURE).

Technology dominates our lives – that’s why we should teach human rights law to software engineers

Dr Ana Beduschi, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter, writes for the Conversation UK 

Models could own the rights to their own catwalk sashay, new analysis shows

Models could make a claim to own the rights to the recording of their sashays and struts they use on the catwalk – and should be able to make more money from their appearances during fashion shows, new legal analysis shows.

SFLS CEO advocates Sustainable Finance principles at 2018 European Securities Lending Forum

Dr Radek Stech was invited to take part in a high-level roundtable on the rapidly growing governance aspects of sustainable finance and securities lending, including securities litigation.

Global project on the law of military space operations launched at Exeter

The first meeting of the Woomera Manual on the International Law of Military Space Operations was held at Exeter Law School between 5 and 9 August 2018.

Proposed energy measures harmful to vulnerable consumers

Dr Timothy Dodsworth warns that the new price cap on energy tariffs will have a negative effect on those it is meant to protect

Exeter Law School Professor Appointed to Prestigious US Advisory Body

Professor Michael Schmitt has been reappointed to another two-year term on the US Department of State’s Advisory Committee on International Law.  

Exeter Academic Speaks at the Internet Security Conference in Beijing

On Tuesday 4 September 2018, Dr Kubo Mačák gave a talk entitled “Future of Cyberspace Governance: The Role of International Law” at one of the world’s largest cyber security conferences.

Exeter academics recognised for teaching excellence

Two leading academics at the University of Exeter have been awarded National Teaching Fellowships - one of the most prestigious awards for higher education teaching.

Dr Beduschi presents research on the concept of vulnerability at the Refugee Law Initiative Annual Conference

The conference was held at the School of Advanced Study, University of London on the 18 July 2018. Dr Beduschi questioned whether we are now “beyond the vulnerability hype” and examined whether this concept should be seen as a tool for protection or an instrument of exclusion of migrants and refugees.

Professor Schmitt honored for Research Excellence; Continues Cyber Capacity Building Effort

Professor Michael Schmitt was recently honored by the War College as its outstanding research scholar for academic year 2017-2018. 

Asking ten “critical” questions before embarking on a serious relationship can help couples thrive

Asking ten “critical” questions before embarking on a serious relationship can help couples thrive, according to a new study backed by the prominent divorce lawyer Baroness Fiona Shackleton.

Professor Rebecca Probert appears on Who Do You Think You Are?

Professor Probert helped Olivia Colman to unravel the story of her great-great-great-great-grandfather Richard Campbell Bazett.

Professor Chantal Stebbings delivers the Youard Lecture at the University of Oxford

The title of her lecture was The Isolation of Tax Law: An Historical Perspective. 

New law designed to encourage first major reforms to divorce in 50 years published

Draft legislation designed to encourage the Government to make the first major changes to divorce legislation

Exeter Law School academics join board of directors of professional association

Two members of the Exeter Centre for International Law, Dr Agnieszka Jachec-Neale and Dr Aurel Sari, have joined the Board of Directors of the International Society for Military Law and the Law of War.

Dr Agnieszka Jachec-Neale presents on the legal challenges of military targeting

Earlier this year, Dr Agnieszka Jachec-Neale gave a series of presentations in The Hague on the challenges posed to the concept of lawful targets in armed conflict by the complexities of the modern battlefield.

Exeter academics speak at a conference on hybrid warfare

On 24–25 May 2018, Palacký University in Olomouc, Czechia, hosted an international conference on the theme “Responding to Hybrid Threats by Force: International and National Law Aspects”. Two Exeter academics contributed to the event.

Exeter researchers visit the Chinese University of Hong Kong to discuss food security

Exeter academics travel to Hong Kong to discuss how to secure sustainable food production in China and the UK.

The role of law in countering hybrid threats

Exeter academic brings legal expertise to European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats.

Stephen Skinner presents conference paper on law and the state in Fascist and democratic systems

The 5th biennial conference of the European Society for Comparative Legal History was held in Paris.

Dutch Government Marks First Anniversary of Exeter Law Professor's Manual

Dutch Government holds Birthday Party for Exeter Professor's Project.

Exeter researcher receives support from the UK-Canada Foundation to undertake research in Canada on the legal protection of performing artists

Dr Mathilde Pavis, lecturer in law at Exeter Law School, has been invited as a visiting scholar by the University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) where she will carry out her research in comparative intellectual property law with fellow researchers.

Government Counsellor for the Finnish Ministry of Culture speaks on contemporary copyright issues at Exeter Law School

Counsellor of the Finnish Ministry of Culture explains how a better use of metadata could solve a number of issues in the management of copyright online.

Exeter Law School awards BILETA Prize for best presentation at international Intellectual Property law conference

Exeter Law School supports the next generation of researchers in intellectual property law by welcoming early-career researchers to their second international conference.

Exeter Cyber Law Experts in the Spotlight in Estonia

Exeter Law School is cementing its position as a global thought leader in international cyber law. Between 21 May and 1 June 2018, two members of the faculty travelled to Tallinn, Estonia, to take part in an annual gathering of global cyber experts in the fields of technology, strategy, policy, and law.

Exeter Law School hosts its second international conference in intellectual property

Exeter Law School gathers international experts to discuss the future of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies in intellectual property law.

Future Challenges for Autonomous Vehicle Event on June 1st

The Future Challenges for Autonomous Vehicles event took place on June 1st at Reed Hall, Streatham Campus Exeter.

Leading Chinese professor visits Exeter Law School

Professor Zhixiong Huang, the Luojia Chair of International Law at Wuhan University in China, visited the Law School in May 2018 to discuss academic collaboration between Exeter and Wuhan.

The future of international law in 2050

Report published by the Exeter Centre for International Law on the future of the international legal system.

Cyber Law in the Americas

The influence of the "Tallinn Manual 2.0 on the International Law of Cyber Operations" continues to spread globally.

Exeter students chosen to work on new nuclear power plant project

University of Exeter students have been chosen to work as part of the team building Britain’s newest nuclear power plant.

Exeter and Tsinghua Host Joint Seminar on Takeover Law

On Thursday 3rd May, academics from the University of Exeter and Tsinghua University hosted a joint seminar on the subject of takeover law. 

The University of Exeter enters into a new Articulation Agreement with Brickfields Asia Collge in Malaysia

The University of Exeter has entered into a new Articulation Agreement with Brickfields Asia College in Malaysia.

Exeter Cohort 4 Pathways to Law Students Graduate

19 students from 13 state schools and colleges from across the South West region graduated from the Pathways to Law programme.

Schmitt on the "hot" topics in international law

Professor Schmitt has been on the road speaking on the hot topics in international law.

Book on Mapping Paths to Family Justice announced as winner of prestigious Hart-SLSA 2018 Book Prize

Anne Barlow and colleagues' book Mapping Paths to Family Justice: Resolving Family Disputes in Neoliberal Times (Palgrave, 2017) was announced as the winner at the Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference at the University of Bristol.

Professor Joasia Luzak organises a conference 'Consumer Law in the Data Economy'

Discussing data as the new oil of society and its impact on consumer protection.

Conflict in outer space will happen: legal experts

Space and military law experts from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States have joined forces to take the lead on understanding how our Earth-bound laws will be applied in times of armed conflict in outer space.

Law School Renews Agreement with Technische Universität Dresden

The University of Exeter Law School has renewed its partnership with Technische Universität Dresden, a long-standing international connection. 

The Ashurst Outstanding Law Student Prize 2018

The Law School is delighted to offer an annual prize for the exceptional final year LLB student at Exeter Law School. The prize, introduced in 2017, is offered by the leading international law firm, Ashurst.

Teenagers more likely to plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit because they are less able to make mature decisions

Teenagers are more likely to plead guilty to crimes they did not commit because they are less able to make mature decisions, new research shows.

SFLS Founder at World Pensions Council

Dr Radek Stech was invited to give a plenary talk at the 7th Annual World Pensions Forum (WPiF)

Exeter Professor Influencing Cyber Policy

Professor Mike Schmitt of the Law School hit the road to discuss cyber law policy with key decision makers and the private sector.

AG Eleanor Sharpston QC gives the annual Lasok Lecture

Quo vadis, civis Europeus?

Former President of the Supreme Court and University of Exeter student seek to inspire next generation of lawyers

The former President of the Supreme Court and University of Exeter graduate have teamed up to help inspire the next generation to work towards their dream career.

Exeter PhD Student becomes International Law Adviser for the British Red Cross

Noel Trew, a doctoral student at the Strategy and Security Institute and Exeter Law School, has recently joined the International Law Department at the British Red Cross’s head office in London. Noel’s research was supervised jointly by Dr Aurel Sari from the Law School and Dr Catarina Thomson from the Politics Department.

University of Exeter win Canadian Legal Negotiation Competition

Two final year LLB students from the Law School, George Ikonomou and Peter Lung, won a Canadian-themed negotiation competition, hosted by Dentons, the large international law firm, at their London Offices.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Exeter launch an innovative Engineering and Law programme

The programme will enable students who embark on Engineering or Computer Science undergraduate degrees at HKUST to finish the degree at Exeter, before spending a fifth year at Exeter’s Law School, completing either an LLM (Master of Laws) or a Juris Doctor (JD).  

Exeter academics undertook research fellowships at the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg

Dr Ana Beduschi and Dr Kubo Mačák spent four months as visiting researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law.

Dr Rolland contributes to Forum highlighting the international importance of dual legal qualification degree programmes

The Forum des Etudes Supérieures was held at the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London and prestigious French, English, American, Canadian, Swiss, Italian research-led institutions and Universities were represented

Research led by Helena Wray contributed to Home Affairs Committee recommendations that immigration policy should be more sensitive to the rights of families and children.

Research found that around 15,000 children, most of them British citizens, were separated from a parent by the very high income threshold for sponsoring a spouse or partner to come to the UK.

ELSA Exeter hosts National Council Meeting for ELSA UK

The European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) is the largest student-led legal association in the world with over 52,000 members, spread across 44 National ELSA Groups with over 360 Local ELSA Groups.

Programme which empowers people to speak up about sexual and domestic violence set to expand

Experts at University of Exeter hope to expand a pioneering programme designed to help empower people to speak up about sexual and domestic violence.

Book on Mapping Paths to Family Justice shortlisted for prestigious prize

Anne Barlow and colleagues' book Mapping Paths to Family Justice: Resolving Family Disputes in Neoliberal Times (Palgrave, 2017) has been shortlisted for the prestigious Socio-Legal Studies Association Book Prize 2018. 

The Leuven Manual on the International Law of Peace Operations

The first authoritative restatement of the international law applicable to peace operations has been published.

Joasia Luzak contributes to an international project on collective redress mechanisms in environmental and consumer mass harm situations

Enforcing small claims on a mass scale in the Visegrad Group countries.

Exeter Law School's Professor Schmitt on Israel Tour

Exeter Law Professor on speaking tour in Jerusalem and Washington

Exeter – Rennes : an academic partnership that lasts

Visit to the Rennes 1 Law Faculty: 14th November 2017 – 17th November 2017 

Understanding ‘myths’ about sexual violence and domestic abuse key to prevention in Universities

Universities can play a key role in tackling stereotypical and prejudicial views around the causes of gender-based violence, a new study has suggested.

Addressing Domestic Violence requires a Gendered Approach

Dr Charlotte Bishop spoke on domestic violence at Queen’s University, Belfast as part of the UN’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign. Dr Bishop’s paper explained why it is vital for law and policy in this area to take into account the role of gendered expectations in both sustaining and normalising domestic violence and abuse.

Interested in studying abroad next year? New scholarship available.

We are delighted to invite applications for John Usher Memorial Fund, which will grant two scholarships to two exceptional students on the LLB with European Study programme.

Estonia awards medal to Exeter professor

A University of Exeter professor has received a medal from the President of Estonia for his work on cyber security.

Andrea Wallace gives keynote at New Zealand's National Digital Forum in Wellington

Andrea Wallace, Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter, presented her research on the impact that a claim to copyright in reproductions has on meaningful access to and reuse of the public domain.

Sixth formers discuss consent in the courtroom as part of the Festival of Social Science

As part of the Economic and Social Research Council's (ESRC) Festival of Social Science (FOSS), Lecturer in Politics, Dr Sarah Cooper hosted an event for engaged local sixth formers and delivered her current research on constructing consent in the courtroom

Anne Barlow presenting at the 'Empowering European Families' project final conference in Germany

The Working Group looks at ways to resolve the complex legal position of 'international couples' within the EU when relationships break down or one partner dies.

Professor Chantal Stebbings' latest book 'Tax, Medicines and the Law' is published by Cambridge University Press

Tax and Quacks – how nineteenth-century governments tried to tax quack medicines 

Law students to give free legal advice

University of Exeter law students are helping vulnerable people who are missing out on legal services by providing free information and advice clinics in Devon.

Dr Beduschi spoke at the American Society of International Law Midyear Research Forum in St Louis, USA on 28 October 2017

Dr Ana Beduschi presented her research on the implications of new technologies based on big data analysis for State obligations under international human rights law in the context of international migration.

Law Academics visit the Department for Transports' Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Two law academics visited to discuss the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill in a mutual exchange of ideas regarding insurance, liability, testing and security.

Professor Chantal Stebbings speaks to HMRC about the impact of tax on the nineteenth century landscape

The talk was part of their Prestigious Speakers Programme.

Divorce law in England and Wales increases conflict and suffering for separating couples and their children

Divorce law in England and Wales is incentivising people to exaggerate claims of ‘behaviour’ or adultery to get a quicker divorce, according to University of Exeter research.

Exeter law professor addresses first National Convention for Celebrants

Where and how can one get married in England and Wales, and why is the law here more restrictive than in other jurisdictions?

Law as an asymmetric capability: Dr Aurel Sari presents on the legal aspects of hybrid threats

European nations and their allies must increase their capacity to deal with the legal challenges presented by hybrid warfare.

Exeter Centre for International Law co-hosts international conference in Bruges

On 20-22 September 2017, the Exeter Centre for International Law supported the International Society for Military Law and the Law of War, together with the University of Melbourne, in hosting a conference in the beautiful city of Bruges in Belgium.

Jonathan Cooper OBE gives Human Rights and Democracy Forum inaugural lecture

On 2 October the Human Rights and Democracy Forum was officially launched with an inaugural guest lecture, held at the University of Exeter.

Exeter academic speaks at international law conference in Slovakia

Dr Kubo Mačák spoke at an international conference with the theme “Cyber Security: New Challenges” in Bratislava

Stephen Skinner co-convenes International Experts Meeting on Police uses of Lethal Force

A two-day discussion about ways of recording, evaluating and comparing information about deaths following police uses of force around the world.

Dr Dodsworth presents research findings at the SLS conference 2017

Dr Dodsworth presented his paper 'A comparative assessment of penalty clauses – a conflict of values?' at the 108th SLS conference in Dublin.

Law undergraduate wins Brightside ‘Student Mentor of the Year’ Award

Joel Wish, a current law undergraduate, has recently won a prestigious mentoring award in his final year of studying law at University, in relation to his role of e-mentor on the Pathways to Law programme.  

Pro bono programmes bring benefits for all

Over the last two years, the law school has developed a flourishing pro bono programme with the creation of the Legal Assistance Programme (LAP).

Professor Schmitt delivers Crawford Oration at Adelaide Law School

In his presentation, which was attended by senior Australian jurists, the University leadership, and the general public, he spoke on “Grey Zones in the International Law of Cyberspace".

Amy Ralston wins the Ashurst Outstanding Law Student Prize

This prize was introduced this academic year and opened to all students who obtained a final degree result of 65% or more and who could also demonstrate excellent extracurricular non-academic achievements over their entire LLB degree

Existence of ‘good faith’ obligations in English contract law to be debated by experts

Experts will debate whether or not the concept of good faith should be part of English contract law, with a senior judge leading calls for such a development.

ESRC seminar on blockchain and capital markets

Dr Joseph Lee of Exeter Law School and Dr Naikuang Huang, Senior Executive Vice President held a seminar investigating the concept of distributed ledger technology and its implication for critical financial market infrastructure (FMI).

PhD student and member of the International Law Forum, presented her research at the Refugee Law Initiative 2nd Annual Conference

Rama Sahtout, a PhD researcher in the Law School has presented her research on ‘temporary refuge in the practice of ‘most affected states’’ at the Senate House, University of London.

Devon cohabiting couples needed to help researchers uncover the secret of finding life-long love

Devon cohabiting couples can help experts uncover the secret of finding life-long love by taking part in a University of Exeter research project.

Prof Catherine Dupré co-convened 'Human Dignity and Constitutional Crisis in Europe' conference in Florence.

In the face of multiple and unprecedented challenges to European democracy, an international team of scholars convened at the European University Institute to explore ways out of these crises.

Call for papers - Compulsory mediation in the civil courts: Opportunity or threat

An event of the Academic Committee of the Civil Mediation Council. We would welcome papers on any aspect and discussion of the role of mediation in the civil court process.

Director of the CELS, Joasia Luzak, organised an international symposium "Transparency: where art thou in consumer protection?" on June 27.

The topic of the symposium directly related to the Open Research Area-funded project that Professor Luzak is conducting "The ABC of Online Disclosure Duties: Towards a More Uniform Assessment of the Transparency of Consumer Information in Europe". 

Exeter Law School: Thought Leaders in Cyber Law

Exeter Law School’s Professor Michael Schmitt and Dr. Kubo Mačák were figured prominently at a series of events on cyber security held in Tallinn, Estonia, over the past two weeks. 

The Ashurst Outstanding Law Student Prize

Final call for applications.

Launch of global Dignity Rights Project

Professor Catherine Dupré, author of The Age of Dignity, took part in a virtual launch workshop of the Dignity Rights Project at Widener University Delaware Law School on 12 May 2017. Read Professor Dupré’s closing remarks.

Engaging humanitarian workers from the Middle East region

Dr Agnieszka Jachec-Neale engaged in teaching on the Advanced Professional Training on Humanitarian Law and Policy course organised by PHAP.

Rules for space warfare to be drawn up

An international coalition of lawyers is to draft the first ever legal manual of space warfare.

From Santiago to Singapore: Professor Schmitt talks Cyber Operations

Professor Schmitt co-directed a course on the international law of cyber operations for government officials from Central and South America in Santiago, Chile.

Exeter Law School and Graduate School of Education success at the Teaching Awards 2017

The University of Exeter’s best lecturers were recognised by students at the Teaching Awards 2017 on 2 May, and two academic staff in the College of Social Sciences and International Studies were recognised for their contribution to their students’ experience.

Students graduate from Pathways to Law programme

29 students from 13 schools and colleges from across the South West region graduated from the Pathways to Law programme.

Dr Jachec-Neale presents at the Second Israel Defence Forces Conference on the Law of Armed Conflict

Dr Agnieszka Jachec-Neale is presenting her research on the targeting of State and political party leaders and infrastructure related to leadership during armed conflict at the second International Israel Defence Forces Conference on the Law of Armed Conflict. 

Exeter collaborates with Chinese University on Takeover Law workshop

The University of Exeter and Tsinghua Law Schools are organising a joint workshop gathering together experts on takeover law. The workshop will be hosted at Tsinghua Law School on Sunday 20 May.

The Ashurst Outstanding Law Student Prize

We are delighted to introduce a new annual prize for the exceptional final year LLB student at Exeter Law School. The prize is offered by the leading international law firm, Ashurst.

Outdated divorce law causes needlessly painful and destructive breakups, new research finds

Outdated divorce law is causing needlessly painful and destructive breakups and exacerbating conflict between couples, a major new study has found.

Dr Beduschi presented her research findings at the Refugee Studies Centre 2017 Conference at the University of Oxford

Dr Ana Beduschi presented her research on the legal implications of the use of the concept of vulnerability by human rights courts for the protection of migrant children's rights.

Austrian university and South West college students join to brush up on their mooting skills

Unique collaborative mooting event hosted by the University of Exeter brought together students from the University of Graz in Austria and students from Petroc College.

Exeter PhD researcher invited to Princeton

James Gould, a PhD researcher in the School of Law, was invited to an intensive seminar series, organised by the editors of the American Journal of Jurisprudence.

Eminent judge shares experience of long legal career with students

Eminent judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss shared fascinating insights into her long legal career and current work debating Brexit in the House of Lords during a visit to the University of Exeter.

Dr Beduschi presents her research on vulnerability of migrant children at the Senate House in London

Dr Ana Beduschi (Law) and Professor Huw Williams (Neuropsychology) led a roundtable of experts on vulnerability, adversity and trauma of migrant children and young refugees at the Senate House in London on the 9th March 2017.

Exeter Law Professor Launches New Book on Cyber Law during Global Tour

Tallinn Manual 2.0 on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Operations was launched by Exeter Law School Professor Mike Schmitt during a global tour in February.

First meeting of MILAMOS project on international law and military uses of outer space held in Adelaide

Two Exeter academics were among the international group of experts at the workshop between 19 and 23 February 2017.

Professor Luzak presents at the Conference on Research in Private and Market Law - Challenges for the 21st Century

City University of Hong Kong organises an international conference to accompany the meeting of editors of two prominent journals on European private law.

Exeter Law School student shortlisted for £5,000 national legal award

Charlotte Werner is one of a handful of finalists for Future Legal Mind 2017, a national award for UK undergraduate law students, set up in 2014 to recognise young legal talent.

Renowned scholar in family law and feminist jurisprudence joins as Visiting Professor

The Law School are delighted that Professor Cynthia Bowman from Cornell Law School has joined us as a Visiting Professor until May 2017

First comprehensive legal guide for cyber behaviour published by University of Exeter expert

The first comprehensive guide covering the legal rules of behaviour in cyberspace, which will be used by governments around the world, has been published by a University of Exeter academic.

University of Exeter Law School expert honoured by the Estonian Government

A University of Exeter expert has been honoured by the Estonian Government for his pioneering work in international law.

Celebrity divorce lawyer backs research to help strengthen couple relationships

Prominent divorce lawyer Baroness Shackleton is funding new University of Exeter research which could help uncover the secret of finding life-long love.

Legal training for aid workers to help protect migrant children from exploitation

Aid workers in refugee camps and shelters in Greece are receiving legal training to help keep migrant children safe thanks to an expert from the University of Exeter.

Exeter Law Professor Addresses NATO Secretary-General and North Atlantic Council on Cyber Law

On 19 January, Professor Mike Schmitt spoke on international law of cyber operation to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Deputy Secretary-General Rose Gottemoeller, and the North Atlantic Council (NAC).

Dr McCann interviewed on Irish national radio regarding tragic homicide case

On Friday 16 December 2016, an Irish doctor was cleared of killing her profoundly disabled daughter.  Dr McCann gives his views on the case.

Event in China raises the importance of IP rights in 3D printing

At the event in December 2016, the team successfully demonstrated their 3DP licensing system, for which there was widespread support

Dr Lee spoke at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Forum

Dr Joseph Lee recently presented a specialist report on intra-corporate dispute arbitration at the ICC Forum held in Brussels.

Local Press Attention for Shackleton Relationships Project

Professor Anne Barlow talked about the aims of the project on BBC Spotlight and Radio Devon. 

Christine Bicknell presents conference paper on prison oversight in Europe

At the recent Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology (September 2017), Christine Bicknell delivered a presentation in which she mapped the complexity of prison oversight in Europe. 

Dr Duggan-Larkin presents a paper on the international action of states

On 27 January 2017 Dr Jess Duggan-Larkin presented a paper on human rights and the international action of states at a University of Sussex conference on Challenging Human Rights Disenchantment.

PhD studentships in international law

The South, West and Wales AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership (SWW AHRC DTP) offers up to 60 doctoral studentships for entry in September 2018, including in the field of law.

Icelandic constitutional reform 2010-2017: visit of expert from Iceland

The Human Rights and Democracy Forum hosted prominent Icelandic constitutional law expert, Ágúst Thór Árnason, University of Akureyri, for a three day visit in November.

Student run project, Women & Law Exeter welcomes progressive working culture demonstrated by visiting firm Herbert Smith Freehills.

Students heard about the Women Trainee Lawyers' Network and were able to raise questions to the panel.

PhD Success

Congratulations to John Pearce and to Yiu Yu Butt, who have both completed their PhDs under the supervision of Professor Chantal Stebbings and successfully passed their vivas.

Catherine Dupré publishes opinion paper on Brexit and human dignity

Catherine Dupré reflects on the loss of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights as a result of Brexit and its consequences for human rights protection in the UK.

Cross-Border Litigation in England and Wales: Brexit Implications

This workshop was an opportunity to factor in different perspectives on cross-border litigation and Brexit, and draw together key insights. 

Change in the Law is needed to address male bias, power and privilege in society more generally.

Dr Charlotte Bishop, lecturer and researcher, talks about her experiences as a female academic and single parent, and how her personal experiences resonate with her understanding of the masculine bias of the law.

The students behind ‘Women and Law’

We were delighted to catch up with Jess & Tara, Co-Presidents of the student project Women and Law and hear about their experiences and hopes for the future.  

‘Balance for Better’ in the workplace: an alumna’s experience of working in the Financial Law Division of the European Central Bank

German based alumna Martina Bender (LLM European Legal Studies 1998), senior legal counsel in the Financial Law Division of the European Central Bank, reflects on the value of balance in the workplace.

The Western Circuit Women’s Forum

Alumna Emma Cross, (LLB 2014, Masters 2015) a barrister with Devon Chambers reports on the aims challenges and activities of The Western Circuit Women’s Forum.

My unconventional pathway to success

Senior Lecturer, Director of Clinical Legal Education Tia Matt shares how she has enjoyed creating and choosing her own pathway, including establishing a flourishing pro bono clinic programme at the university.  

Women in House: my role as Senior Lawyer in a Children’s Legal Team

Alumna Lindy Stephens (Law 1992) In House Senior Lawyer in a Children’s Legal Team, reflects how redundancy from her role as a partner in a solicitors firm and an out of the blue approach by a recruitment agent to cover staff shortages at Plymouth City Council has led her to the most rewarding professional role she has ever had. 

PhD candidate Meriem Naili’s research on the Western Sahara

Meriem, a PhD candidate at the College of Social Sciences and International Studies, has spent recent months conducting interviews as part of her research on the conflict in Western Sahara.

Helping the European Commission to evaluate Dutch implementation of the new Package Travel Directive

The recent news of Thomas Cook going into administration caused many travellers a lot of distress. Prof. Joasia Luzak contributed to an assessment on how the Netherlands implemented this new Package Travel Directive.

LGBTQ+ and Law

A new student-led initiative which aims to give support to those who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community and interested in a career in law is gaining momentum on campus. 

New Law programmes in Cornwall blend together law and business

Dr Caroline Keenan, Director of the Law & Businesses programmes in Penryn explains what is unique about these new courses.

Law School Celebrates new Partnership with Office of the Thai Judiciary

The new partnership will see the University of Exeter deliver a postgraduate Certificate of Contemporary Legal Practice in Bangkok.

Dr Dodsworth (with Dr Bisping from Warwick University) react to the FCA's recent proposal for the loyalty penalty

Find out more.

Pro Bono Week UK 2020 2-6 November

In aid of Pro Bono Week, Pro Bono Officers at the University of Exeter Law Society (UELS) hosted a variety of events celebrating the voluntary work of students and legal personnel.

In Conversation with Lord Neuberger - University of Exeter Law Society Event

Lauren Hunt, Pro Bono Officer University of Exeter Law Society, covers the event.