Undergraduate Law at Penryn Campus: New students

Information about things you'll need to do before arriving in Cornwall can be found on our New Students website.

This schedule may be subject to change – always check your personal timetable online for the latest information.
Last updated: 22nd August

Mon 16 September 10:00-11:45 Welcome to Law and Business students Daphne de Maurier Building Lecture A/B
Mon 16 September 15:30-16:30 Education & Student Services talk Daphne de Maurier Building Lecture A/B
Tues 17 September 13:00-14:00 Induction to employability services Daphne de Maurier Building Lecture A/B
Thurs 19 September 10:00-15:00 Cornish Tales of Law and Business Trip to St Mawes 
Fri 20 September 16:30-17:30

Meeting with Head of Exeter Law School -
Richard Moorhead

Old Chapel Lecture Theatre
Fri 20 September 17:30-19:30

Exeter Law School (Cornwall) launch
drinks. Register here.

Masters' Suite, Daphne de Maurier Building

New Students’ Week

In addition to all the welcome activities on Campus we have a programme of events for new LLB and BBL Law and Business students. These will introduce you to your course, the study of law and business here on our Cornwall Campus and to Exeter Law School.

Members of the team will meet you all on the morning of Monday 16 September and run through how each programme is organised, sources of support and information about the programmes and the extra-curricular activities. You will also have a talk from our college employability team.

On Thursday 19 September we’ll go on boat trip to St Mawes which is across the bay from Falmouth. We’ll introduce you to the study of Law and Business here in Cornwall and introduce you to influential law and business people, on both sides of the law, who have lived here. These include rights activists and campaigners against the slave trade through to some of our famous pirates. We also have our own laws which developed here in Cornwall, e.g. Stannary Law which was just developed to cover the mining industry here, an example of another unique partnership between law and business! Please do contact us at info.penryn@exeter.ac.uk if you have any accessibility issues associated with going on a short boat trip.

On Friday 20 September you will meet the Head of Exeter Law School Professor Richard Moorhead for tea and cakes and then you are invited to an early evening reception to mark the launch of the Exeter Law School on its Cornwall Campus. 

B Law Hack 8- 10 October 2019

The B Law Hack for all students on the Law and Business Degree Programmes is being held at the Maritime Museum in Falmouth on the 8-10 October 2019. You will travel down from Campus each day and spend the day in the Museum. We’ve got a packed programme of activities built around the team-working skills which you’ll carry on developing in your work in LAW1022C Legal Foundations. This is the beginning of you working in your law firms to solve a particular problem, which we will set for you.

A Note for International Students

It is important that you bring your original certificates of qualification so that we can register you at the University. Copies of certificates, such as those downloaded from a web portal for example, cannot be accepted.

du Maurier Building – defini

Please don’t feel like you need to read anything to prepare for coming beyond the news. However there is one thing that you do need to do which is to think of your legal hero.

In the first week of term you’ll be discussing what makes a good lawyer. We’re going to be talking about all of our legal heroes for inspiration to think about what kinds of skills good lawyers have. You’ll be getting together in small groups in seminars to talk about your hero.

You may, on reading this. draw a complete blank ! Don’t worry, just have a think now

  • Is there anyone who inspired you to study law ?
  • Are there any lawyers who’ve caught your eye at the moment in the news ?

Just to get you started here are some of us with some of ours:

Caroline: Mine is Constance Baker Motley, a civil rights lawyer who fought nearly every important civil rights case in the United States for two decades and then became the first black woman to serve as a federal judge. She excelled in the quiet, painstaking preparation and presentation of lawsuits that challenged racial segregation across the United States. Her legal victories including in the landmark school desegregation case of Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 meant that Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama and other staunch segregationists yielded, kicking and screaming, to the verdicts of court’s ruling against racial segregation.

Kate: Mine is Polly Higgins. 15 years ago Polly asked what would it take to create a legal duty to care for the Earth ? This question lead her to abandon her courtroom career and embark on a quest to establish an international crime of Ecocide. This lead her to submit a proposal to the United Nations for a crime of Ecocide. Sadly Polly died earlier this year, with so many years of inspirational work ahead of her. She had already set the stage for the fundamental changes in International law needed to respond to the Climate emergency we face.

Josh: One of my legal heroes is definitely Elisabeth Mann Borgese . She was a Professor at Dalhousie University, Halifax Canada, and an internationally recognised expert on Maritime law and policy and the protection of the environment . She was one of the founding members and for a long time the only female member of the Club of Rome.

Camilla: My legal hero is fictional; Atticus Finch from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. It was the book I read in my childhood, which first got me interested in law and issues of discrimination. My real life lawyer hero is Karon Monaghan QC who speaks every year at the TUC Discrimination Conference; not just for her work in discrimination law but also for her role in the case of R (on the application of UNISON (Appellant) v Lord Chancellor (Respondent) 2017 which is such an important case on access to justice and the rule of law.

Janet: Mine are the criminal law theorist Alan Norrie and the campaigning lawyer Clive Stafford Smith. After graduating from Columbia Law School in New York, Clive spent over 15 years working as a lawyer on death penalty cases and other civil rights issues. In total, Clive has represented over 300 prisoners facing the death penalty in the southern United States. While he only took on the cases of those who could not afford a lawyer – he has never been paid by a client –he prevented the death penalty in all but six cases (a 98% “victory” rate). Few lawyers ever take a case to the US Supreme Court – Clive has taken five, and all of the prisoners prevailed. In 2001, when the US military base at Guantánamo Bay was pressed into service to hold prisoners beyond the reach of the courts, Clive joined two other lawyers to sue for access to the prisoners there. To date, Clive has helped secure the release of 69 prisoners from Guantánamo Bay (including every British prisoner) and still acts for 8 more.

If you are a LLB Law with Business student you will also need to choose the business modules you will study.

LLB Law with Business Students study 3 compulsory 30 credit modules in Law in the first year across the whole of terms 1 and 2:

You also study 30 credits of Business in your first year.

You have a choice of two out of three (15 credit) business modules: 

Term 1:

Term 2:

What am I interested in ?

  • If you are particularly interested in Economics go for the term 1 module on Economics for Management (BEP1050)
  • You are interested in the relation between business and society (business & social, environmental, political, legal issues) then go for the term 1 module BEP1010 Business & Society.
  • Are you more interested in general Management studies then go for the term 2 module BEP1080 Theory and Practice of Management.

 Before you make your choices think about workload: 

  • Do you want to work a little more in term 1, but have an advantage in the second term having less to do? Go for 2 business modules in term 1 (BEP1010 and BEP1050) and none in the second.
  • Do you prefer balancing your workload? Then go for one module each term (either BEP1010 or BEP1050 in term 1 and BEP1080 in term 2).


Please email your provisional choices through to info.penryn@exeter.ac.uk by 9am Monday 9 September. (Any queries please contact us at the same address.)

Please submit your provisional choices in order of preference, for example:

- First Choice Term 1 Business & Society (BEP1010) and Term 2 Theory and Practice of Management (BEP1080)

- Second Choice Term 1 Economics for Managers (BEP1050) and Term 1 Business & Society (BEP1010)

Please also tell us whether you would consider studying two subjects in term 1 or whether you would prefer to study a subject in each term even if that subject is not your first choice.

What if I have missed the deadline?

If your circumstances mean that you have missed this deadline don’t worry, we have set aside a small number of places in each module please email   info.penryn@exeter.ac.uk as soon as you can. Please entitle it 'Late submission Law and Business Module Selection'.


You can pre-order the textbooks for your courses from Blackwells. these can be sent to you or be ready for when you arrive. However please note this is not compulsory and you may be able to find second hand copies or borrow them from the library. 

Blackwells have asked us to forward the following message. 

Year One Law Textbooks offer for Law and Business Penryn Students 2019/20-Blackwell's Bookshop, University of Exeter

We have created a special book bundle containing all the core texts and statutes you will require for your first year modules in 2019/20. 

We have been in contact with the Director of Law to confirm your readings and to ensure you have the correct editions. These books cover your modules both in Term One and Term Two.

We have set up a specific Facebook page where you can find more information.

Please note it is not compulsory for you to buy these books before the start of term.  

Please follow the links below to find out more:

If you have any further questions, worries or concerns you can get in touch with us at info.penryn@exeter.ac.uk or on 01326 371800.

A very warm welcome to Exeter Law School, Cornwall, we are so pleased that you will be joining us in September! 

We are very proud to be part of the staff team for the Law and Business degree programmes and delighted that you are going to be a part of our first cohort. We are absolutely committed to creating a diverse and thriving student community. We believe that this is achieved by providing a supportive learning environment, which nurtures talent through-out your time with us. We’re looking forward to meeting you soon, so that we can all start to work together.

If you have any other questions about the course or anything else please do email info.penryn@exeter.ac.uk.

Dr Caroline Keenan
Director of Law and Business. Director of Education