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Professor Rob Merkin

"I like the intellectual challenge of law, solving problems, trying to work out answers from previous situations and dealing with completely new issues. One of the things I do is straddle both academia and practice. When I go to law firms, I actually learn what’s going on in the market and that feeds into what I teach. I’m able to teach what really matters." Read more.

Centre for Commercial and Corporate Law

About us

Members also deliver the LLM in International Commercial Law, a programme which offers unrivalled opportunities to study across a range of modules taught by leading academics.

Our wide range of specialisms includes:

  • banking law
  • corporate governance and social responsibility
  • energy law
  • insolvency law
  • consumer protection
  • contract law
  • insurance and reinsurance law
  • international arbitration
  • finance and credit law
  • international trade
  • maritime law
  • business structures
  • investment law
  • financial markets law and regulation
  • competition law
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • intellectual property law 

The Centre fuses the experience of academic lawyers and practising lawyers, and the impact of their work is far-reaching. For example, in addition to being frequently cited in the courts, members of the Centre have advised:

  • Committees of the European Parliament
  • the House of Commons
  • the National Assembly for Wales
  • the Northern Irish Government
  • the Law Commission
  • the Irish Environmental Protection Agency
  • the UNEP
  • the UNDP
  • the Secretariat for the Bonn Convention
  • the Australian Attorney-General’s Department

Our members

The Centre fuses the experience of academic lawyers and practising lawyers, and the impact of their work is far-reaching.




Student members 

  • Ms Rebecca Goudman-Peachey
  • Mr Harry Jayakrishnan
  • Mr Yonghui Bao
  • Mr Florian Lheureux
  • Mr Yunus Yildiz
  • Mr Pete Underwood 


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26 February 202014:00

CELS research seminar: Prof. Simon Whittaker (University of Oxford) - The control of unfair terms in commercial contracts: French and English law move further apart

Full details
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4 March 202013:00

Data Analysis with R for Social Scientists

Building upon the basic introduction offered to R in workshop 4, this workshop will cover exploratory data analysis, quantitative data analysis, and visualising data using R, as well as introducing the various libraries that a user needs to be familiar with in order to carry out such tasks. Full details
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6 March 202011:30

Want a career in data? Find out about Postgraduate study with Q-Step

This Postgraduate open event is a great opportunity to find out more about Q-Step's MSc in Applied Social Data Science. Full details
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10 March 202014:00

Hope and Despair: Presidents, Prime Ministers, Populists, Polarization and Mass Democratic Accountability in Challenging Times

The Executive Approval Project (EAP) is a global collaborative data and research project whose goal is to measure public approval of political leaders to help understand why some executives are despised and removed while others remain popular and reelected.. Full details
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18 March 202015:30

Understanding the relationships between risk factors, intersectional identities and criminal career trajectories: A multilevel approach

Researchers have called for developmental criminologists to better understand how criminal career patterns and 'risk factors' relate to intersectional identities.. Full details
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18 March 202017:30

CELS Lasok Lecture: "Data Protection: Today and Tomorrow" by Christopher Docksey

Full details
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6 May 202015:30

Establishment Relations and Fatherhood Wage Premiums: New Insights from Finnish Administrative Data

Fathers often earn more than their childless counterparts, although effects can vary among groups of men. Most of this literature uses micro data and attributes these wage effects to individual selection. We instead draw on relational inequality theory (RIT) to argue the importance of establishment relations behind group differences in net fatherhood wage premiums.. Full details
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11 May 202014:00

Introduction to Bayesian analysis

This workshop offers an introduction to Bayesian analysis in R. We will talk about the theoretical underpinnings of Bayesian analysis and the practical considerations for conducting such analyses in R.. Full details
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12 May 202014:00

Bayesian analysis with JAGS/Topics in Bayesian analysis

One of the advantages of Bayesian analysis is its great flexibility with respect to the functional form of the model. To take full advantage of this flexibility, the analyst need to know how to write code for Stan, JAGS, BUGS or a similar sample.. Full details
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15 May 202013:00

Introduction to Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

This seminar will be an Introduction to Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). It will cover some broad themes of what OSINT is and what it is not, as well as some thoughts on the future of OSINT.. Full details
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Members of the Centre are involved in supervising postgraduate research students in all areas of commercial and corporate law.  Use our expertise search to find academics in your chosen area. 

For more details, including funding options, please see our postgraduate research programmes webpage.

Our members also deliver the LLM in International Commercial Law, a programme which offers unrivalled opportunities to study across a range of modules taught by leading academics in their field.


For non-media enquiries relating to the Centre and its work please contact one of the Co-Directors, Dr Joseph Lee or Dr Séverine Sainter.


Centre for Commercial and Corporate Law
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Media enquiries are also welcome - please contact:

Telephone: +44 (0)1392 722307