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Culture, Methodology and Language: A German Perspective on the European Dual Qualification Degrees

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Photo of Dr Greta Bosch

Dr Greta Bosch

Associate Professor, CSSIS Director of Assessment, National Teaching Fellow


01392 723161

Amory 240

Dr Greta Bosch has been at Exeter University since 2002. Dr Bosch is the CSSIS Director of Assessment and Feedback and the Senior Academic Misconduct Officer. She is a member of the College Education Strategy Group, Taught Faculty Board and Taught Faculty Sub-Committee. Dr Bosch is an Aspire Mentor. External Engagement: Externally, Dr Bosch is an Executive Member of the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS), member of the Education Committee of the SLS and the co-convenor of the Comparative Law Section of the SLS. She is also a member of the British Association of Comparative Lawyers (BACL) and the Berkeley Comparative Equality & Anti-Discrimination Law Group. She has been tasked by the European Law Faculties Association (ELFA) to act as Chief Editor of the European Journal of Legal Education. Research Interests Dr Bosch’s research interests lie in International Human Rights Law, specifically Equality, non-discrimination and affirmative action. She has published on human rights and racial equality with special reference to South Africa, and is currently researching interdisciplinary approaches to legal education. She has recently been invited to speak at Melbourne University on interdisciplinary approaches to Equality in Employment Law. Teaching Dr Bosch is module convenor on the interdisciplinary module Law3169 Equality and Diversity at Work, as well as Law2095 Equality and Diversity. She contributes to Law1035 Constitutional and Administrative Law. Currently, Dr Bosch is the Director of Assessment and Feedback for the College of Social Science and International Studies. In 2018 Dr Bosch has received the National Teaching Fellowship Award, one of the most prestigious national awards for higher education teaching. Dr Bosch is Executive member of the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS), member of the Education Committee of the SLS and co-convenor of the Comparative Law Section of the SLS. This Society, in its 118th year, is the largest society for law in the UK and Ireland with a membership of 3000, and delegates coming from as far as Europe, USA and Canada, Asia, Russia, Africa. Dr Bosch is also a member of the British-German Jurists Association, the British Association of Comparative Lawyers and a remote referee for the European Research Council.

Research interests

Dr Bosch’s research efforts have focused on racial equality and diversity with special reference to South Africa. More recently Dr Bosch has begun to research interdisciplinary equality education, specifically in the area of equality and diversity. She was invited to present her research and innovation at an institution wide Academic Practice session, and she has started to create an interdisciplinary network of academics. Dr Bosch has also presented her research on interdisciplinarity at the Berkeley Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Annual conference at Melbourne Law School in Australia in June 2018.

Other information

National Teaching Fellowship 2018 (Advance HE) Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Authority 2012 PhD, Birmingham College Director of Assessment, 2017- present Senior Academic Misconduct Officer, 2017- present Director of Education, Law 2014-2017 Deputy Director of Education, Law 2013-2014 Senior Personal Tutor for CSSIS 2010- 2014 Programme Director, LLB European (Magister), 2002- present Director of Admission, 2012-2014

External impact and engagement

Dr Bosch has been facilitating internationalisation. An international student and staff approach to education enhances diversification and widening participation, academic and skills creativity through the injection of new ideas and new ways of thinking and the enrichment of experiences. Dr Bosch has led on the international transfer collaboration agreement of Exeter Law School with Brickfields Asia College in Malaysia (BAC), which is operational since 2018. She is a member of the BAC consortium body. Dr Bosch is an external examiner for Southampton University Law School.

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