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Matthew joined Exeter Law School as a Lecturer in Law from the University of Southampton in September 2017. Matthew's research focusses on legal issues arising from Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (Driverless Cars) and is co-authoring the first substantive text on 'The Law and Autonomous Vehicles' (January 2019). Matthew has presented his research at major industry conferences both nationally and internationally and has been cited by several newspapers including the Times and the Guardian. Matthew is running the first LLM Module on 'Motor Insurance Law and Autonomous Vehicles' in 2018/19.

Matthew further has an interest in the Law and Autonomy generally, particularly Drones and Autonomous Ships. Matthew is further interested in Motor Insurance and Insurance Law generally and often presents to the Association Internationale De Droit Des Assurances Motor Insurance Working Party. Matthew won the Association Internationale De Droit Des Assurances Academic prize in November 2016. 

Matthew is interested in supervising research into the Law and Autonomous Vehicles. 

Matthew welcomes applications for those who would like to research in this area


The Law and Autonomous Vehicles(With Lucy McCormick and Dr Kyriaki Noussia) (January 2019) Informa Law from Routledge

Recent Papers

Look No Hands! With Lucy McCormick July 2016 Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill: Right Place, Wrong Time? (May 2018)

Recent Conference Presentations

"Autonomous Vehicles and Motor Insurance Law: Some Future Considerations" Octo Telematics Conference, Silverstone, August 2017 "Insuring Autonomous Vehicles" Airmic Leadership Forum, September 2017 "Autonomous Vehicles and Motor Insurance: Future Paradigm" Insuring Autonomous Vehicles Conference, London February 2018. "The Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill: Right Place, Wrong Time?" AIDA Serbia, Palic April 2018.

Press Featured in the Times('Driverless cars 'could be hacked to cause pile-ups'' 12 November 2017) , and the Guardian ('Philip Hammond pledges driverless cars by 2021 and warns people to retrain' 23 November 2017)

Research interests

The Law and Autonomous Vehicles, Drones, Autonomous Ships, Motor Insurance, Tort Law and, EU Law.

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