Catherine Hayes

LLB LAW / Double Maitrise en Droit Europeen, 2013

Private Secretary, Department for Work and Pensions; Civil Service

Please tell us how you came to work in the Civil Service?

 Civil Service Fast Stream graduate programme

What is the best thing about your job?

I work on fast moving and interesting projects and get to influence the law before it’s made. And to complement that, the Civil Service are a fantastic employer and gave me brilliant support during a time I was having health issues. 

How do you feel your law degree helped you?

Not only does a law degree give you analytical and communication skills, it also gives you an understanding of some of the frameworks you work in when designing policy. 

Do you have any advice for others looking to take a similar path?

The civil service is full of smart people who want to make a difference. I’ve managed a team in a jobcentre, worked as a Private Secretary to a Minister, worked on policy around NHS targets - it’s fantastically varied. So if you’re not sure what to do, think about joining the Civil Service you might find a niche or you might find that you love the buzz of government but it’s a fantastically interesting place to be