Jodie Peters

LLB Law (2015)

Supporter Engagement Coordinator, CLIC Sargent

Please tell us how you came to work in fundraising in the third sector?

In my third year part-time and then after graduating I worked in a local law firm in Property Law. It taught me a lot about what I did/didn’t want out of my career.  From this I decided I wanted to move into the third sector, and the gateway to this was getting a job as an Academic Representation Coordinator at the University of Exeter Students’ Guild, where I gained experience in working with volunteers, higher education policy, events management and so many other things. The Guild is a registered charity so naturally I was led to think of opportunities within larger charities, and the skills and experience from both these positions enabled me to be successful in getting my current role in Fundraising at CLIC Sargent.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job at CLIC Sargent is that I am inspired every day, motivated by what we’re trying to achieve as a charity and am learning new things all the time. The role is challenging, but rewarding. In particular I love being involved in working on our new fundraising strategy and working with a team who are extremely passionate about achieving our goals.

How do you feel your law degree helped you?

My law degree has helped me in so many ways – it’s given me countless opportunities, without which I’m confident I wouldn’t be in the job I’m in today. It’s given me the skills I need to work under pressure, to deadlines, and to prioritise multiple streams of work. There are so many aspects of a law degree which are transferrable to other walks of life, and it’s also given me a great deal of confidence which you definitely need in whatever sector you end up in.

Do you have any advice for others looking to take a similar path?

Take any opportunity that comes your way that might help you gain some relevant experience, and think outside the box. If you’re interested in the third sector think about what you’d like to do: fundraising, marketing and communications, finance, account management, there are a lot of opportunities, and there might be a way into the sector that you hadn’t even realised existed. If you can show a genuine passion for the sector you will go far.