Nick Chowdrey

LLB Law (2010)

Digital Engagement Specialist, Amnesty International


Please tell us how you came to work in third sector comms?

Through my law degree I developed a strong interest in global law and politics. It also helped me to hone my writing skills, which I went on to refine for public communications with a masters in Journalism.

Through this I started working for an accounting company writing their technical guides. My law degree was great training for researching, analysing and communicating very technical subjects, which helped me succeed in this area.

Combined with my creativity, it was natural to move into marketing communications, writing blogs and social media posts to engage customers. So my next job was at one of the UK's top digital agencies, Jellyfish.

After moving to London a spot at Amnesty came up - my dream organisation to work for since I was at Exeter - so I made the slightly sideways leap into third sector comms. The rest is history!

What is the best thing about your job?

The challenge of communicating intellectually challenging topics in a creative and engaging way. And also making a difference to the world. 

How do you feel your law degree helped you?

My law degree taught me how to research and communicate complex topics. I think there are few other degrees where the focus is so strongly on clearly explaining complex topics. I count this as my greatest professional skill. 

Do you have any advice for others looking to take a similar path?

It's all very well having the brain training a law degree gives you, but if you want a job in communications you have to learn how to write for a mass audience, rather than for academics. My masters in multimedia journalism made my writing 100x better and I count it as just as important for my career as I do my law degree.