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UCASS awards bursary for students undertaking Exeter’s study abroad programme in 2019. 

UCASS offers bursary to students who choose Exeter's study abroad programme

The University of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (UCASS) have confirmed they will award a bursary to highly qualified students embarking upon the study abroad programme at the University of Exeter. UCASS have agreed to offer up to RMB40,000 (£4,400 GBP) per student as scholarship, which will make Exeter an attractive and affordable option for those hoping to visit the University. 

The bursary applies to UCASS students who wish to undertake short-term study at the University of Exeter in 2018 and includes modules from the College of Humanities, the College of Social Sciences and International Studies and The Business School. This is a full-time programme lasting one semester.

This announcement follows a successful visit from fifteen delegates at UCASS earlier in the year and is indicative of the blossoming relationship between the two universities.  In addition to the study abroad agreement, UCASS and Exeter have established strong research connections in diverse areas, and are discussing other opportunities for working together in the future.

Currently the youngest University in China, UCASS was formally established in 2017 and is a premier academic organisation in the fields of humanities, philosophy and social sciences. These areas of expertise have given our academics and students a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow from our international colleagues and to share their research and expertise in return.

Exeter is at the forefront of global collaboration and recognises the importance of engaging with overseas partners. This collaboration demonstrates Exeter’s commitment to developing meaningful relationships with international counterparts and increasing global reach. The partnership between UCASS and Exeter is testament to this commitment.

Date: 26 April 2018

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