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The manifesto is available at

New environmental education manifesto launch led by University of Exeter expert

A new manifesto, led by a University of Exeter academic has been launched to help young people meet the environmental challenges of the future.

The National Association for Environmental Education's (NAEE) 2022 Manifesto, was launched today (28 April) in an event led by Professor Justin Dillon.

The new manifesto aims to build on existing work in schools and colleges to further stimulate change in thinking and practice.

The team hope that it will help to better prepare young people for the social and environmental challenges they will face through their lives.

Professor of Science and Environmental Education, Justin Dillon said: “Young people are already facing a number of important social and environmental issues head on in today’s society and our manifesto aims to help support their education so they can feel more confident in being part of the solution.”

The manifesto is aimed at people across the whole schooling system: governors and leaders, lecturers and teachers, pupils and students, and all support staff.

It sets out 16 commitments that will help guide institutions to become more sustainable, and improve the education that pupils and students receive.  It also sets out four key principles that are at the heart of what is important for schools and colleges to do in relation to young people's learning and the environment.

The key principles are:

1. Partnership

2. Integrity

3. Building Capacity

4. Inclusiveness

NAEE has been promoting environmental education in the UK for 50 years, supporting all those involved in its delivery, to help people understand the need to live more sustainably in order to protect the future of our planet.

The manifesto is available at and to find out more about it and the work of the NAEE email

Date: 28 April 2022

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