Brexit: Understanding, Legitimacy and Implications - Wed 31st Jan 2018 - Reed Hall

Dept of Politics Research Centres - the Centre for Political Thought, The Centre for European Governance and the Centre for Rural Policy Research - combine forces to organise workshop exploring Brexit's causes, legitimacy issues and consequences. Don't miss it! Limited spaces left. Please email:


12.45pm: Coffee/tea

12.55pm: Welcome: Sandra Kröger

1.00-2.30pm – Session 1: Understanding and explaining Brexit (Chair: tbc)

Jason Reifler: Populist Referendum: Was Brexit an Expression of Nativist and Anti-Elitist Sentiment?

David Blagden: Brexit as Process: Interests and Identities in Britons’ Withdrawal from European Union

Martin Robson: Brexit and maritime borders: the UK, the Overseas Territories and the EU

2:30-2:45pm Coffee and tea break

2.45-4.15pm – Session 2: The legitimacy of Brexit (Chair: Claudio Radaelli)

John Erik Fossum: Can the UK government's goals of taking back control and ensuring access to the EU be reconciled in a way that is democratically viable?

Richard Bellamy/Sandra Kröger: Was the Brexit referendum legitimate, and would it be legitimate to have a second referendum? Two views.

4:15-4:30pm Coffee and tea break

4.30-6pm – Session 3: The implications of Brexit (Chair: Sarah Lucas)

Susan Banducci and Lorien Jasny: Dynamic Networks of News Consumption: Online Traffic during the 2016 Brexit Campaign in the UK

Matt Lobley: The implications for agriculture / the food sector

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