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RegGov TBD (ECR network)

RegGov TBD is an early-career network of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance (RegGov). The purpose is to provide a space for early-career researchers (ECRs) to address career-related challenges and to stimulate innovation and new ideas by ECRs working in the field of regulation and governance. 


True to its name, RegGov TBD’s scope and future activities will be shaped by its members and their core concerns, which may range from collaborating on new research paradigms to planning for non-academic career paths. Additionally, the initiative will further opportunities for networking with peers and senior academics.


RegGov TBD will launch in Exeter with two activities for the benefit of ECRs:


  1. Future Research and Grant-Hunting (Reception)An evening reception with a career-building flavour: ECRs will discuss future research and grant-hunting strategies with senior academics. How to participate? Details will be circulated in the programme. Just come around! 
  2. Pushing the Boundaries of Research and Collaboration (Workshop)A workshop with a hint of collaboration: ECRs will collaboratively discuss how their research can contribute to solving ‘wicked’ questions in regulation studies. How to participate? The submission form will ask if you are an ECR. Answer ‘yes’ and we’ll take care of the rest.


Members of the Organising Committee:

Andrei Guter-Sandu (Research Officer, Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation, LSE)

Flavia Donadelli (Lecturer, Victoria University Wellington)

Janina Grabs (Research associate, D-GESS, ETH Zurich)

Jose A Bolanos (Research Officer, Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation, LSE)

Slobodan Tomic (Lecturer in Public Management, University of York)

Yair Osheroff (PhD Candidate, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Yongkang Ann (Post-doctoral Researcher, Zhejiang University)