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23 - 25 June 2021

The 8th Biennial Regulatory Governance Conference sponsored by the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance.

The 8th Biennial Regulatory Governance Conference sponsored the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance taking place at the University of Exeter from June 23 until June 25, 2021 Full details
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Research seminars 


2019 CEG Seminar series: the UK and the EU: changing politics and policies at Europe House.

The Centre for European Governance is an interdisciplinary research centre combining political science, legal, economic and historical approaches to the study of Europe and the European Union. Our aim is to provide usable knowledge for policy-makers and organisations; to engage citizens on the future of the UK in Europe as well as participating in academic debate. These seminars provide a series of academic talks into the changing politics and policies of Europe including Brexit and the UK’s changing relationship with the EU.

 January 29th  6-7pm - Michael Winter: The implications for CAP and the farming sector.

 February 12th 6-7pm - Alison Harcourt: Brexit and the Single Digital Market

 March 12th 6-7pm - Nicole Bolleyer: Shrinking Space for Civil Society in Europe? National Approaches to the Legal Regulation of Organized Civil Society.

 March 26th 6-7pm - Joasia Luzak: "Piercing the Internet's veil under the New Deal" (at LSE). 

 May 7th 6-7pm - Sandra Kröger: Membership in the EU post Brexit (at LSE).

 June 4th 6-7pm - Lamprini Rori: Mapping the European far right in Europe.

 June 18th 6-7pm - Athanassios Gouglas: Party Change in Europe since 1945.




The seminars are open to staff, researchers, postgraduate students and the university’s stakeholders.

The aims of the seminar series are to stimulate intellectual discussion, provoke thoughts, engage in the debate of current issues, and disseminate research findings.

Please also see the Politics department events listing.

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