Jean Monnet Chair in Political Economy (2014–2017)

Claudio M. Radaelli, University of Exeter

Project number 553293

30 September 2015, XFI, University of Exeter. Jean Monnet seminar
Seminar with Sonja Puntscher Riekmann, on Money, debt and democracy. How the Eurozone crisis management transforms the political economy and representative democracy of member.

27 March 2015, University of Exeter.  U3A Exeter and the EP London office event 
Event in Reed Hall on European Union: perceptions, misperceptions, myths with Claire Dunlop (CEG), Claudio Radaelli (CEG), Christie Smith (Politics PhD student) and Elisabeth Sweeney (European Parliament Information Office, London).

19 March 2015, London. Trip to the Institute for Government with MPA students
Trip with 15 Masters in Public Administration students to the Institute for Government, where we had two speakers talking to us about How to make government effective and the Usage of regulatory impact assessment in scientific controversies like the plain packaging regulation in Australia and Britain.

18 March 2015, University of Exeter. Jean Monnet event
Event with Professor Kalypso Nicolaidis (University of Oxford) on Wake up Europe: A talk on the new volume Echoes of Empire.

11 March 2015, University of Exeter. Jean Monnet seminar
Seminar with Dr Madalina Busuioc, on The Reputation Basis of Public Accountability (paper co-authored with Martin Lodge, LSE).

3-5 March 2015, Boston. Conference participation to the biennial conference of the European Union Studies Association
The European Union Studies Association (EUSA) is the largest world-wide conference on European Studies.

Radaelli presented a research paper co-authored with Dunlop, and chaired and discussed on another panel. He represented the Centre for European Governance at the business section meeting of the Public Policy Section of EUSA.

2 March 2015, University of Exeter, Jean Monnet lecture
Lecture on the Political Economy of the EU deal with Greece, with Dr Theofanis Exadaktylos, Lecturer in European Studies, University of Surrey.

This lecture was open to all staff, PhD students and undergraduate students but mainly targeted towards undergraduate students.

25 February 2015, University of Exeter. Staff seminar
Jean Monnet paper by Dr Christel Koop, KCL, Lecturer in Politics on Accountability and Performance of Independent Regulators.

2-5 Feb 2015, Astana, Kazakhstan. Workshop
Workshop with Dr Dunlop and Prof Radaelli on Theories of learning, governance and public policy, funded by the British Council, Newton-Al Farabi partnership. See:

21 January 2015, University of York. Seminar and paper
Staff seminar, presentation and written paper on Learning and Monitoring in the European Semester. 

20 January 2015, University of Exeter. Presentation
presentation by Dr Merethe Leiren on Social Resistance to EU public policy, Jean Monnet Seminar.

18 December 2014, Sciences-Po Paris. Lecture
Paper delivered to the conference
Pierre Muller – un maverick de l’analyse des politiques publiques (paper to appear in volume in 2015).

3 December 2014, University of Exeter, Presentation
Presentation by Dr Samuele Dossi, European Commission, DG REGIO on Ex Post Usages of Cost-Benefit Analysis to the students registered for the Exeter Masters in Public Administration programme, module on Risk, Responsibility and Regulation.

2 December 2014, University of Exeter, Presentation
Presentation by Dr Samuele Dossi, European Commission, DG REGIO on EU Cohesion Policy to third-year students taking the module on Markets, Regulation, Europeanization.

1 December 2014, University of Exeter, Presentation
Presentation by Dr Samuele Dossi, European Commission, DG REGIO on Employability - Working in Brussels to 100 undergraduates.

14 November 2014 Delmenhorst, Germany. International workshop on Consequences of multi-level governance,
Presentation of a paper co-authored with Alessia Damonte and Claire Dunlop on Instruments choice: Accountability and ease of business, in the panel “multi-level governance and national bureaucracies”.

31 October 2014 Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, London. Dissemination meeting
Meeting with BRDO officer to discuss dissemination of our research (Dunlop and Radaelli) on inspectors. Last year we carried out an experiment on how training affects the beliefs of inspectors in the UK and we are now planning to publish and disseminate the findings. We also discussed other opportunities for research with high impact potential, using BRDO tenders for studies that are being published in Autumn.

30 October 2014 Kensington Close Hotel, London. Seminar for Romanian civil service
How to learn from the international experience in regulatory reform, seminar for a delegation of the Romanian higher civil service, 18h00-19h30 with support from Allio Rodrigo consulting and the World Bank.

22 October 2014, University of Exeter. Jean Monnet seminar with Professor Stijn Smismans (University of Cardiff)
Seminar “Regulation and interest groups in the EU: towards American style proceduralisation?”.

6 October 2014 University of Exeter. Videoconference with Sciences-Po Bordeaux
Rapporteur and member of the jury for the PhD dissertation in Political Sciences on La méthode expérimentale par assignation aléatoire: instrument de recomposition de l'interaction entre sciences sociales et action publique en France [The experimental method by random assignment: Instrument to reconstruct the interaction between social sciences and public action in France] by Agate Devaux-Spatarakis, under supervision of Thierry Berthet (CNRS Research Director).

1-2 October 2014 Brussels. Conference participation
Participation (delegate Dr. Alison Harcourt, University of Exeter) to the Jean Monnet conference on What’s next for European Union Studies?

25-26 September 2014 Münster Germany. Keynote at workshop
Keynote speech at the international workshop on The Role of Theory in Public Policy, University of Münster and Münster town hall. Organized by the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis.