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18 June 201918:00

Athanassios Gouglas: Party Change in Europe since 1945

These seminars provide a series of academic talks into the changing politics and policies of Europe including Brexit and the UK’s changing relationship with the EU.. Full details
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4 June 201918:00

Lamprini Rori: Mapping the European far right in Europe.

These seminars provide a series of academic talks into the changing politics and policies of Europe including Brexit and the UK’s changing relationship with the EU.. Full details
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7 May 201918:00

Sandra Kröger: Membership in the EU post Brexit

These seminars provide a series of academic talks into the changing politics and policies of Europe including Brexit and the UK’s changing relationship with the EU. Full details
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26 March 201918:00

CEG Seminars: Joasia Luzak: Consumer Privacy and Data Protection in the EU (London)

Associate Professor Joasia Luzak (University of Exeter) will discuss the New Deal package proposed by the European Commission in 2018 and its chances of increasing transparency in online marketplaces. Full details
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12 March 201918:00

Nicole Bolleyer: Shrinking Space for Civil Society in Europe? National Approaches to the Legal Regulation of Organized Civil Society.

Long considered a problem of ‘third countries’, concerns about ‘shrinking civil society space’ have moved to the heart of the European Union: confronted with the challenges of terrorism, financial crises and populist governments numerous member states have passed legislation constraining civil society organizations (e.g. EC 2018; CoE 2018; FRA 2018).. Full details
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12 February 201918:00

Alison Harcourt: Brexit and the Single Digital Market.

Professor Alison Harcourt (University of Exeter) will speak about the roadmap for the EU's Digital Single Market (DSM) outlining different scenarios for the UK’s trade in digital services post-Brexit including discussion of the EU’s recent copyright package, the GDPR, e-privacy revision and audio-visual media services.. Full details
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29 January 201918:00

Michael Winter: The implications for CAP and the farming sector

Professor Michael Winter (University of Exeter) will explain why CAP is featured as ripe for reform and change in the context of the UK’s Brexit plans. He will consider what that might mean for the future of UK agriculture and the likely divergence in agricultural policy between the UK and the EU post-Brexit.. Full details
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6 June 201812:00

Public Policy Seminar Series: Oliver James and Duncan Russel

Oliver James, Professor in Political Science: The Data Revolution in Government Performance Reporting: Evidence from Experiments with Citizens and Users. Duncan Russel, Associate Professor in Environmental Policy: The idea of valuing nature in policy making: reflections on 10 years of research. Full details
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21 March 201812:30

Public Policy Seminar Series: Oliver James, Professor of Politics

The Data Revolution in Government Performance Reporting: Evidence from Experiments with Citizens and Users. Full details
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14 February 201812:30

Public Policy Seminar Series: Michael Winter, Professor of Land Economy and Society

Agriculture and the Environment in Uncertain Times: Competing Positions in the Brexit Debate. Full details
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7 February 201812:30

Public Policy Seminar Series: Sandra Kröger, Senior Lecturer in Politics

The Legitimacy of the Brexit Referendum. Full details
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17 January 201812:30

Public Policy Seminar Series: Alison Harcourt, Professor of Politics

State Steer and IPR Policy in Standard Developing Organisations. Full details
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22 November 201712:30

Public Policy Seminar Series: Roberto Baldoli and Claudio Radaelli

What's Nonviolence to do with the European Union?. Full details
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3 October 20166:45

Alison Harcourt - Global activism: A case study rights technologies

The lecture shows a gradual move away from international treaties agreement to self-regulatory of copyright protection in standard developing organisations (SDOs). Full details
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25 May 201619:00

The UK and the EU: Ask the Experts

Take the opportunity to ask a leading panel of specialists about possible implications of the EU Referendum. Full details
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25 April 201619:00

Ask the Experts: The UK and the EU

Full details
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9 February 201618:00

Ulrich Preuss @ Exeter to talk about Citizens in Europe: An interdisciplinary perspective.

This workshop will examine issues of citizenship, democracy and constitutionalism in Europe from legal, political and sociological perspectives. Professor Ulrich Preuss (Hertie) will discuss with us the themes explored in the new collection of his and Professor Claus Offe’s writings on: Citizens of Europe. Essays on Democracy, Constitutionalism and European Integration (ECPR Press, 2016). Full details
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30 September 201514:00

Jean Monnet Chair seminar: Sonja Puntscher Riekmann

Money, debt and democracy. How the Eurozone crisis management transforms the political economy and representative democracy of member. Full details
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14 May 201516:00

(Guest Speaker) Claudio Radaelli, Editor of the European Journal of Political Research: Publication strategies for PhDs.

We have the pleasure to welcome Claudio Radaelli, co-editor of the European Journal of Political Research, to present “Publishing in political science journals: why, how, when". He will tackle both the process and stages to succeed from writing up a dissertation to publishing. Full details
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1 May 20158:30

SSIS Politics and International Relations Postgraduate Research Conference 2015

We are pleased to announce that the SSIS Politics & IR Postgraduate Research Conference will be held this year on Friday 1st May 2015.. Full details
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30 April 201516:00

Raluca-Florica Popp: Tapping political representation in different electoral setting using VAA generated data.

The aim of the paper is to inspect the relationship between institutional design settings and political representation at one hand, and the consequences of representation on European voters’ political behaviour on the other. Full details
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29 April 201517:00

Lasok Law Lecture

This year’s Lasok lecture will be given by Professor Norbert Reich and is entitled "EU Citizenship - Progressive Concept or Regressive Failure?”. Full details
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2 March 201514:00

Dr Theofanis Exadaktylos (University of Surrey): Greek Deal Explained

We are delighted to welcome back Dr Theofanis Exadaktylos (University of Surrey). He will explain the recent deal between the new Greek government and the EU in the context of the Greek political economy of the last decade. Fanis is a very knowledgeable scholar of European / comparative politics - and he is often on radio and TV commenting on Greek politics and the EU. Full details
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25 February 201516:00

Dr Christel Koop (Kings College London): The accountability of Independent Regulatory Agencies

Dr Koop has written on issues of public policy, democratic legitimacy, voting behaviour in the European parliament and electoral politics generally. Full details
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28 January 201515:00

Dr. Raimondas Ibenskas (Exeter): The Effect of Europarties on Inter-Party Cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe

Full details
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14 January 201517:00

Getting the Long View of Politics and Life In and After Parliament: Former MPs Talk and Wine Reception

Alan Lee Williams and Sir John Hannam will share their views of politics past and present – both from inside the Westminster bubble and beyond it. They will also talk about the work of the Former MPs Outreach Association. The event will close with questions from the audience, and a wine reception. Full details
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28 November 2014

Professor Claudio Radaelli presents to the Portuguese parliament

The report on lawmaking and smart regulation, Feitura das Leis, was inspired by ground-breaking research by the Centre for European Governance. Full details
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19 November 201415:00

Dr. Gregorio Bettiza (Exeter): America in a Post - Secular World. Understanding and Explaining the US Foreign Policy Regime Complex on Religion

Politics seminar. Full details
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13 November 201418:30

SWDTC Workshop: The 'constructivist turn' in the empirical and normative study of political representation

Lisa Dish is Professor of Politics at the University of Michigan in the Departments of Political Science and Women's Studies. Full details
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