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Research Session for the Regulatory Scrutiny Board of the Commission: A new format for engagement and co-production of knowledge

Professors Claire Dunlop and Claudio Radaelli brought together researchers from six European universities to present their most important inter-disciplinary findings and discuss challenging topics in the field of regulatory quality and EU law-making.

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LSE Symposium ‘Media in Troubled Democracies'

Alison Harcourt presented at the LSE Symposium ‘Media in Troubled Democracies’ on 19 May 2017. 

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British Science Week and ERC Week event: "What did European research funding ever do for us?"

Claudio Radaelli will give a talk titled "Fixing regulations" during an event part of British Science Week and ERC Week in the Alumni Auditorium, Forum, University of Exeter Streatham Campus,  Monday 13 March 2017, 19.00 - 20.30

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Alison Harcourt ran a large conference at the House of Commons.

This was the first of two conferences covering the Digital Single Market.

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Professor of political science presents to Portuguese Parliament

Professor Claudio Radaelli will travel to Portugal to present a major report on lawmaking and smart regulation.

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Conference 'The relationship of the EU and UK in the Future of Data Protection and Privacy Policy', Portcullis House, London

The conference was run as part of the research project ‘The UK Communication Industries: the impact of a proposed UK Brexit from the EU’ led by Professor Alison Harcourt at the University of Exeter, which is funded by the ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ programme based at King’s College London. 

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