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CEG student profiles

I chose to study the MA in European Media with Integrated study abroad at the University Of Exeter because it provided me with a political and economic approach to European Media rather than a cultural studies or content approach. This coupled with the MSc in New Media and Society at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel made for a technical and practical Masters degree.

The most important feature for me was that the Internship in Brussels and my placement there with IBBT-SMIT determined the direction of my dissertation research, and provided me with practical and specialist knowledge as well as good references to present to future employers.

Bethan Allen, MA in European Media with Integrated Study Abroad (2011–2012)

I am from Italy but obtained a BA in International Relations at the University of Westminster. Alongside my interest in European politics, I also developed a deep curiosity in the media sector. When I started thinking to apply for a Master course, I was looking for something that could combined these two interests and found that the European Media Studies with Integrated Study Abroad programme at the University of Exeter perfectly suited my needs.

The Centre for European Governance has strong reputation as well as high academic standards, and a friendly and lively environment. During my first semester, during which I acquired a detailed understanding of the European Union, and more specifically European media regulation, I enjoyed my courses very much. Then I spent my second semester in Brussels, at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where I participated on the exchange to the Msc Communication Studies: New Media and Society in Europe programme. Besides the challenge of not having a communication studies background, I definitely enjoyed the programme, as it enriched my knowledge in the field of media, providing me with valuable practical skills.

Living in the heart of Europe and being closer to the European institutions has also allowed me to discover in person the reality of the ‘Brussels bubble’, an experience that I absolutely recommend. I undertook an internship at the Association for Commercial Televisions in Europe, arranged by the programme coordinators, and I can state with enthusiasm that the MA fully prepared me for this position.

Giulia Bondi, MA in European Media with Integrated Study Abroad (2011–2012)

Having never studied European politics or the media before I found myself able to progress quickly and with confidence. Approachable, knowledgeable and experienced staff as well as small classes made this possible.

Students with backgrounds in Economics and History brought a different dimension to discussions and outside speakers transformed theoretical debates into ones about real world policy and implementation. The trip to Brussels was an invaluable insight into the European institutions and the organisations which surround them. I was also fortunate enough to obtain a placement at the European Commission's Representation in London arranged by the Department of Politics which, again, brought everything I had learned to life.

Despite a Master's being an opportunity to specialise, I found adequate flexibility. The College's Academic Excellence scholarship contributed to making all this possible.

Andrew Dimmock, MA in European Politics (2011–2012)

I feel that the MA has been a great success and I’ve found the year studying for my MA one of the most academically satisfying years of my life.

I enjoyed studying in a friendly and vibrant department with a very strong academic reputation, and found my professors to be engaging and supportive. The modules available allowed me to specialise while still maintaining some variety, and I found plenty of opportunities to carry out and use my own research. This included a study visit to the European Parliament in March 2012 in which I conducted interviews for my MA thesis.

Through the department I have managed to obtain a month-long internship at the European Commission working in DG Information Society, and immediately after completing I undertook a five-month traineeship at the European Parliament.

James Sibley, MA in European Politics (2011–2012)