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Dr Andrew Rathmell

Dr Andrew Rathmell is an experienced public policy practitioner and scholar who combines unique experience of interdisciplinary academic research, with strategy advice to the UK and US governments, and frontline delivery experience in the toughest of conflict-affected environments.  Andrew has provided strategic advice to the UK Foreign Office and Cabinet Office, to US and coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq and to leading private sector organisations.  He has delivered development and stabilisation programmes in Baghdad and Helmand; and he has designed and led research programmes across the breadth of the social and computer sciences to advance knowledge as well as provide practical solutions to real-world security challenges.  Most recently, Andrew served with the office of the NATO Senior Civilian Representative in Kabul.
Andrew holds a first class degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics from Balliol College Oxford and a PhD in War Studies from King’s College London.  He has also studied at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University and in Damascus. Andrew’s publications include books on Middle Eastern security, journal articles on conflict issues; and periodical articles on international security affairs.
Andrew holds a number of awards for service in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Most notably, Andrew was awarded the US Department of Defense’s Medal of Valor in recognition of his actions during an insurgent attack in Baquba, Iraq in 2004.

Andrew Rathmell Publications