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General Sir James Everard KCB CBE

A senior military leader and accomplished strategist with a proven track record of leading, directing and training large national and multi-national military organisations. Specialisation in Joint Operations Planning, Operational Design, Cooperative Security, Military Preparedness and Readiness. Current focus on the NATO Crisis Response System, the NATO Readiness Initiative, the adapted-NATO Response Force, Hybrid / New Generation Warfare, 21st Century Deterrence, Joint Action and the evolution to the Multi Domain Battle.

"The old certainties are gone. Pax Americana is no more and the rules based international order has weakened and is weakening, and this at a time when the West is vulnerable given wider strategic shocks and the absence (to quote Abraham Lincoln) of the better angels of human nature. Strategy is the path out of these dark woods and can stimulate decision-makers to action, but only if these leaders can visualise the way ahead. If my support to SSI helps our future strategic thinkers understand the challenges they will face in both crafting and selling a strategy I will be happy".  General Sir James Everard