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Mr Steven Bowns

Why Steven Bowns is prepared to Support the SSI

Traditionally the UK approach was to teach the implementation of military strategy only to senior officers and civil servants relatively late in their careers.  These worthies thus had to learn a great deal, relatively late in life, often with attendant career hazards as there was no alternative to gain a grounding earlier on.  The Exeter SSI is changing this, by providing the opportunity to learn about the theory and implementation of strategy earlier on in life, in a safe and supportive environment with scope to learn from making mistakes.   In my view, at a stroke this goes some way to filling what might be something of a strategy gap in the UK, so I am very keen to help in any way possible.  My small contribution comes from bringing in the sort of tools of the trade that are used in strategic analysis in business and management consultancy in a practical way, illustrated with examples and tips from my 25 year’s experience.