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The Evaluation of Key Factors that Lead to Successful Agri-Environment Co-Operative Schemes

University of Gloucestershire - Countryside and Community research Institute

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Photo of Dr Allan Butler

Dr Allan Butler

Research Associate

I am an Honorary Research Associate of the Centre for Rural Policy Research (CRPR). Trained as an agricultural economist, I have expertise in many quantitative methods to analyse both primary and secondary economic and socioeconomic data. My research interests revolve around the relationship between the social, economic and ecological aspects of agricultural systems, bioenergy and rural systems. I am particularly interested in complexity theory and its development in economics and how this may be applied to understand agricultural and rural economies more effectively. I have previously worked at the University of Exeter and Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) as an economist and social scientist.

I worked in the CRPR up until 2013 and I am presently a senior lecturer in Economics at the Royal Agricultural University. For more information please visit:  

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