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Photo of Dr Nick Kirsop-Taylor

Dr Nick Kirsop-Taylor

Lecturer (Cornwall)

I am the (interim) Programme Director of Degree Apprenticeships in the College of Social Sciences and International Studies (CSSIS), and a Research Fellow on the EU H2020-funded Regreen Project in the Politics department. I also co-ordinate  the CSSIS Sustainability Group and am the 2019-2021 Secretary of Political Studies Association's Early Career Network. 

I have a problem-orientated research agenda that seeks to contribute towards addressing critical global environmental challenges through the conceptual lenses of the state, governance, public policy and administration. I have a particular specialism for working on issues pertaining to environmental public agencies and public sector workers, and have well developed links with numerous European  environmental agencies. I am an active member of the international Public Policy and Administration academic community. I have previously convened undergraduate modules in environmental politics and public administration, with a special focus on student employability and active learning pedagogies. 

Research group links

Research interests

I have a problem-orientated and interdisciplinary research agenda that builds upon and reflects my professional experiences and academic interests. This agenda is currently engaged across three broad themes: 1) the changing nature of environmental governance, policy, and the state; 2) public administration-orientated research into environment-facing bureaucrats and public agencies; and 3) the contemporary environmental voluntary sector: its role, governance contributions, and changing dyanmics. I have previously secured research funding from the EPSRC and through an ESRC Centre, and have near future research projects (in creation) targetting EPSRC and ESRC funding. 

External impact and engagement

 My current research agenda works cloeley with, and impacts upon, UK environmntal public agencies; and with the Welsh national natural resource agency (Natural Resources Wales) in particular. I am have previously delivered research in partnership with the UK National Flood Forum. I have current research proposals in collaboration with international partners in the puiblic and voluntary creation and under review. 


Prior to becoming an academic I worked in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the British Government (2004-2010) and then in multiple policy-facing environmental voluntary roles in the third sector (2011-2014). These professional experiences have contributed towards an academic identity that is intensely problem-orienteted, with a keen focus on working partnerships with external partners to deliver research with rigour, impact and value. 

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