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Smart Skills


To view our current courses and to apply please visit the Pathways to Data Analytics webpage

The University of Exeter Q-Step Centre has received funding from the‌ European Social Fund (ESF) to deliver a series of training courses, which seek to develop advanced data analytics skills. These are skills that are becoming increasingly adopted in a wider variety of areas by both small and large organisations.

The proposed curriculum for the programme is as follows:

1. Essential Data Analysis skills- this involves introducing the participants to the principles of data analysis and the basics of stastical analysis.

2. R for Data Analysis- this course aims to develop understanding and skills with R, which is specialised scripting language designed for conducting statistcal analysis. 

3. Python for Data Analysis- this course is aimed at individuals who have never done any form of computer coding before. It introduces them to the nature of programming, and how to code in Python, before going on to show individuals how to use it for data analysis.

4. Using web and text data- using Python, this course gives participants the opportunity to learn how to build Twitter and website scrapers, as well as the special methods required in order to analyse this kind of data.

5. Machine learning and deep learning with Python- this course provides partcipants with the opportunity to learn the foundational principles of machine learning and to implement and train two classifiers; one for images and one for text.


If you have any questions about the programme please email